Hank III and Assjack In Atlanta


Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

Sheldon Henry Williams III could have easily made a fucking living singing like his granddaddy for his whole life. People would have snatched that shit off of the shelves at motherfucking Wal-Mart for an eternity and praised him for so graciously carrying on the Williams name. He probably would have been some sort of fucking country icon and been on CMT and GAC-but that wouldn’t have been very fucking Hank like would it? -Hank I was a rebel. He wrote his shit out of fucking comic books. He took drugs and drank, and he was a trailblazer. People during his day weren’t all that comfortable with him and the way he put his shit out there for the fucking masses-sounds sort of like a metal head doesn’t it? Hank I would have made a shitload of money if he could have just broke the fuck down and sang about Jesus, but that wasn’t being true to the type of music that he wanted to do. -So first lets make the fucking argument that III is more like one than any of you bastards seem to think. Hank III smokes pot, drinks, and puts his shit out there just the way it should be done. He isn’t a commercial sellout. Hank I would have probably thrown up his hands and went to go play at Wild Bill’s in Marietta with Bill Gentry-no sacriledge intended because I love Hank I a whole fucking lot.

Secondly, a Hank III/Assjack show is a fucking music lesson that clearly outlines the connection between country and metal. It does not take a fucking genius to figure it out. -The show transitions from a traditional country feel, into a punk feel, straight into an ass kicking metal show. It makes sense and CLEARLY outlines what III is trying out put across and tells how his music gets from point A to point C. He isn’t trying to hide his intentions from the world and does not have some little sick master plan. It’s out there and honest as hell. -It reflects the music scence in the south. It is the way music is listened to in the south. Walk into just about anybody’s house under the age of forty in fucking Atlanta and it is not going to be all that fucked up to see Trace Adkins and Alan Jackson next to Slipknot and Six Feet Under. There is not any strict fan of anything here anymore. We can give Elvis and the blues credit for rock and roll, but can we give the early pioneers like Hank I credit for laying the groundwork for the metal/rock fusion we hear out of bands like Anthrax? -I am not bringing up anything new or groundbreaking here. It comes straight out of the fans. That’s why I think calling some fucking attention to it is so fucking important. -What would happen if we let more country singers out of the box? A lot of the contemporary country that I hear today seems to be a throwback to sixties rock and roll. That appeals to the baby boomers, but what about the Gen X crowd that grew up on other shit? There is a whole untapped market out there, and there are a few artists out there with their hot little fingers on it. Cross Canadian Ragweed, Artimus Pyledriver, and of course the master-Hank III. -Music Midtown had a country stage this year-that should tell you something right there. I would have loved to see a metal stage too. I would have LOVED to see Hank III and Megadeth on the same bill-but the music scene takes baby steps on large stages.

Hank III is one of the most important artists out there right now. Go see him. I mean it.


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