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Ill Nino Blows Down The Tabernacle
1/03/04 Atlanta, GA

Ill Nino is: Dave Chavarri, Drums. Jardel Martins Paisante, Guitar. Cristian Machado, Vocals. Daniel Braga Soares Couto, Percussion. Ahrue Luster, Electric and acoustic guitar. Laz Pina, Bass.

Ok. Let’s talk about the January 3, 2004 show at The Tabernacle-MusicIncider’s first show of the New Year! Element Eighty opened the show and the new guys from Universal were pretty fucking great. It takes a lot of balls to hold a crowd’s attention when they stand around and scream “Ill Nino MOTHERFUCKER!” for an hour before you go on. It didn’t rattle Element Eighty at The Tabernacle at all-they came out with a tight hard sound and the crowd got into them. After all, Element Eighty is from Dallas and we are practically neighbors here in Atlanta now aren’t we? -If they come your way, catch them. You will like them. The lead singer won me over when he walked out onstage with a Danzig t-shirt on. You might think I am easy, but FUCK it was a DANZIG t-shirt and PROBABLY the ONLY one I don’t have! -Sevendust was the headliner, and as much as I love Sevendust I wasn’t there for them this time. I was there for Ill Nino. Ill Nino EASILY had enough crowd support that night to be the headliner. The Road Runner die-hards were out in mother fucking HERDS. Do not be misled by that statement-there was more than just the Roadrunner faithful out in support of Ill Nino. You can always tell. The Roadrunner faithful always have on a Roadrunner (usually Type O or Chimara) band t-shirt, a Slip Knot button, and a Stone Sour cap. I am no Mr. Fucking Blackwell-but couldn’t you guys do one band per fucking outfit? -I am talking about a different sort of Ill Nino fan-the ones that seem to be hiding in the closet. They show up dressed in polo’s and button down shirts and wait VERY quietly sipping their imported beer trying to look VERY dignified, these refugees from the suburbs. They go out into the hall to talk on their cell phones to the babysitters. They ignore the opener, because it seems like they don’t want to get sweaty. They were making me wonder what the fuck they were doing at a metal show, but then Ill Nino came on. These quiet imported beer-sipping boys were the FIRST ones to dive head first into the pit. Now this was odd, to say the least. Ill Nino brings the closet Headbangers out into the dark thrash of the night-I admire a band that can inspire that sort of truth in its fans.
Ill Nino puts on a huge show. Big lights-I just wish Roadrunner would vary the fucking light show with its bands. It pissed me off to see the same light set up that was used at the Stone Sour show. Six members in a band usually pisses me off. The gods created speakers and amps and USUALLY that many people in a band is masking a severe lack of talent-BUT NOT IN THIS CASE. I was really impressed with a lot of shit when it comes to Ill Nino. Dave Chavarri and Daniel Couto had such a huge, varied percussion sound that they seemed like a drum line in a marching band. It looked good onstage and sounded good. Ill Nino doesn’t hide its percussion section members like Mick Fleetwood did on the last Fleetwood Mac tour. –If you saw that tour and caught a side glimpse of Mick’s golden kit-you could see the second fucking drummer. –So we have integrity, melody, hard driving metal beats, and a great sound in a drum SECTION. This is rare. –Jardel Paisante on guitar was very fucking pretty to look at. The crowd was too busy trying to knock the shit out of each other to make the Ill Nino sign with their hands-he kept trying to teach it to them. Give them some time Jardel; they were just fucking happy you were onstage. As for your guitar playing, you reminded me of James Hetfield in a great way-not that FUCKED UP St. Anger way. –Ahrue Luster on guitar impressed the hell out of me too. This guy is EXTREMELY musical. Ill Nino’s music is so thick that it is hard to tell just how outstanding he is unless you see him live. He handles the power riffs on electric and the finesse stuff on acoustic with equal ease. Watch this man’s fingers FLY. –Laz Pina on bass reminds me of the great Frank Bello of Anthrax. I LOVE a bass player with stage presence, and Laz has a ton of stage presence. You should see him move. –Last but not least, we have Cristian Machado. Listen to him and you can hear the influences of Sepultura and Bad Brains in his vocal style-you can also hear some shades of the great Ronnie James Dio in there. His style is his own though. He has a shit load of charisma and knows how to work a crowd. Could you ask for anything more in a front man?
Ill Nino was touring in support of Confessions, of course. The wait for Confessions and a new tour seemed like it might have been too long for Ill Nino fans-they just couldn’t get enough and they seemed genuinely disappointed and fucked up when Ill Nino left the stage so Sevendust could go on. Shit-people left even though it was hometown favorite SEVENDUST and not some shitty band going on. –Ill Nino has a tight HUGE metal sound and a great stage show. If you have never seen them live, you want to correct your fucking error and get a ticket the next time they hit a town near you. You won’t be sorry.
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