In Flames: Soundtrack To Your Escape


In Flames: Bjorn Gelotte-Guitars. Daniel Svensson-Drums. Anders Friden-Vocals.
Peter Iwers-Bass. Jesper Stromblad-Guitars.

Death metal, black metal, heavy metal….maybe we should just label it Swedish metal. In Flames is harsh and beautiful all at the same time. -I love Jesper Stromblad’s guitar playing. It really where the fucking journey on this CD gets highlighted. F(r)iend and Touch of Red are full of heavy, thick riffs that bring back the eighties in a very cool way-think Dave Mustaine and you are there. -The Quiet Place is full of complicated and beautiful guitar melodies that sound like running water-so the exchange between Bjorn Gelotte and Jesper Stromblad is picture perfect. It actually reminded me of Vai and Satriani on stage at G3. -Andres Friden really fucking impressed me with his range. He has the death growl on Dead Alone that breaks into melody, and he actually sings on Like You Better Dead. I like the versatility because it does not insult the intelligence of the listener and I think that vocalists should be able to sing-and I like the variation, every song does not sound exactly the same. If I wanted to hear the same song ten times in a row, I would play it ten times in a row. -Anders Friden demands respect based on his vocal ability alone and has the appeal to crossover into the mainstream, but this does not mean that In Flames is a sellout to its underground roots. In Search for I kicks your ass, just like anything great that floats underground. If Flames even gives us a ballsy ballad (and it is deep and dark-not gushy) called Evil In A Closet. -I miss the ballad on CD’s, so to me this was a fucking treat. -Peter Iwers on bass has fucking outrageous lines happening. The bass lines are bluesy, jazz, and straightforward hardcore. I am willing to be that he is fucking hot to see in concert. -Daniel Svennson on drums is simply John Bonham good. He has all the fucking potential to be one of those drummers that you remember forever. He brings the thunder and the lighting, but he also brings that something you just can’t put your finger on that makes him the one that sets the mood for the music. -In Flames is special. There is no doubt about that. I think a lot of bands are special, but this band is absolutely ready to cross over into really big shit and become one of those monster arena bands that the children of the eighties remember. I could see In Flames becoming as big as the Guns And Roses of the old school. -It is just going to take support from the metal community in America to make it happen. Overseas, these bands are worshipped and the community turns out for them in droves. Here, the attendance isn’t nearly what it should be-so if they come to a town near you go see them. In Flames has its roots in old AND new metal. They are an excellent fusion and are truly fucking innovative on all levels. The musicians are excellent, the vocals are varied-there is something on Soundtrack To Your Escape for everybody in the metal community. -I would love to see In Flames on a bill with Six Feet Under, Overkill, and Danzig. That would make me a happy person.

F(r)iend-This one is about a friend that turns on you. How often have you have some motherfucker turn his back on you? What did it do to you inside? Did it make you want to go postal, or did you shove it down into a little ball? Maybe you decided to start writing.

The Quiet Place-This one had the haunting guitars, and a video that is selling Sountrack To Your Escape like a motherfucker. In Flames becomes the psychic on this one…they know they are being judged at all turns and this is the answer to EVERYBODY judging the band.

Dead Alone-Traditional death metal fans will love the deep, dark, lone wolf lyrics on this tracks. Songs about rotting in the grave are pretty fucking standard and shit that we all wonder about.

Touch Of Red-MONSTER GUITARS. Guitar players will love this track. The guitars set off the lyrics so much that the song reminds me of a poem-but is that TOUCH OF RED her blood? Inquiring minds.

Like You Better Dead-Anders, I have plenty of people that I would like better dead too. That voice of yours on this track really connects with that very long list that I keep in my head of people that I would like better dead. I think this may be one of my theme songs.

My Sweet Shadow-I love songs about letting go and moving forward. This track has an amazingly upbeat message hidden in its lyrics. Sometimes you have to go ahead rather than clutch on to the pain-but don’t be fooled, it still pisses him off. We wouldn’t want to lose that creative anger.

Evil In A Closet-A ballad that makes me smile. He wants to be somebody’s Evil In A Closet. The lyrics are dark, but touching. I could see some kid trying to sing this to his girlfriend.

In Search For I-This song, of course, kicks ass in the traditional In Flames sense of the word. -I like the fact that it is about the search for self in a fucked up world. People are trying to ficnd themselves and figure out who and what they are every day.

Borders And Shading-The break up song. I like break up songs that involve knives…but the lyrics don’t come out and say that directly. He could be drawing a picture. Do we give him the benefit of the doubt?

Superhero Of The Computer Rage-Look for this one to become the hackers national anthem. I can see some kid hacking into something right now, listening to this song-feeling like King Kong.

Dial 595 – Escape-This one kicks absolute ass. This one will soothe the nerves of those who feel In Flames is a sell out with this CD. They haven’t forgotten you, they are just evolving.

Bottled-Bottled emotions and a cry for relief. You could call this one a song for our times. This is a hard, deperate song-and you are going to love it.

Clayman (Live) (Bonus Track)-This is a reward for all of you little mosters that love that band and care enough to buy the CD. Enjoy.

People who love traditional hardcore/death metal might be pissed off about Soundtrack to Your Escape. I will admit that much. This CD has its radio friendly moments, but that gives me a lot of hope. I want to see a return of guitars and drums to the radio. I want metal on the radio again, and In Flames might just do it. -This CD is put together VERY WELL. It is smart, and it remains loyal to the bands roots. I give it a TEN out of a possible TEN OH FUCK YEAH’s-you want this one, it is important.


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