Insision: Revealed And Worshipped


Insision: Carl Birath-Vocals. Roger ‘Tobias’ Johannson-Guitars. Daniel Ekeroth-Bass. Marcus Johannson-Drums.

I could relate to these guys right away. I wanted to name the magazine MusicInsider, but it was registered to Big Daddy Porn-so it has a C. I read an interview with Roger ‘Tobias’ Johannson about why the band spells its name with an S, and he said they thought it looked better. Like Kreator with the K-and I thought can you spell Kreator any other way? No. I don’t think so. -But let’s talk about the album and the band. Insision is going to remind you of Morbid Angel and Suffocation. Totally a fucking assault on your senses. The guitars on the fucking CD are sharp, but I am missing the big ass solos that usually come out of Sweden. All the potential for that is there with Tobias Johannson. Listen to the CD. You can hear him wanting to pull a fucking Malmsteen on us-it is sort of like making a thoroughbred racehorse walk around the track. The low tuned guitar is fucking excellent though. -Marcus Johanssen is fucking excellent as well. He reminds me of Donald Tardy from Obituary and Andrew W.K. He is a great fucking doom march drummer. -Daniel Ekeroth works really fucking well with Marcus Johannssen and reminds me of Terry Butler, the death metal bass god, of Six Feet Under and Death. -Then we have Carl Birath on vocals. Interesting, but not a fucking standout on the CD. He grabs me, but he doesn’t hold on. During a death metal CD, it is the vocalist that grabs the fucking listener and takes you on the journey. So I have some suggestions, because Birath has the throat and needs to be allowed to shine on the CD. Use clips like Mortician to introduce the songs. Let the listener UNDERSTAND the chorus so we can sing along with Birath. An occasional clean vocal isn’t a fucking sin-it makes him more accessible to somebody that hears him for the first time. I am sure Birath fucking kicks ass live, and he probably has a great singing voice. Allowing him to have some vocal variety is going to make this band stand out of the fucking pack because brutality is an ART in music and so is noise. -We have the fucking HUGE concept CD that people need to hear, but what in the hell is the concept? It is not brutality for brutality’s sake. Every lyric has a message that Carl Birath is trying to get across. -Years ago, a demented singer/pianist named Diamanda Galas came out with some brilliant shit, spooky shit, harsh shit, and poetic shit after her brother died from AIDS. Her music is fucking shocking and an assault on the senses, but I get the point and respect the hell out of the fact that her first music tour was of mental asylum’s. -Death metal has never been about simple brutality. We have real life to fucking brutalize us enough. Death metal takes a look at the horrible shit and turns it into poetry. -I like Insision, but I feel they can do more and stand out from the eighty million death metal bands on the planet. There is nothing WRONG with the CD. If you are into Morbid Angel, you will fucking LOVE it. The CD is well above average for a death metal band, but I can hear all of the fucking potential in the world for this band when I listen to it.

Track Listing:

No Belief
Imminent Vision
We Did Not Come To Heal
Revealed and Worshipped
The Unrest
Grotesque Plague Mass
The Foul Smell of Humans
In The Gallows
The Cleansing
Ideas Of Revolution


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