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Matthew Bachand (guitars/vocals) of Shadows Fall took time out from OZZFEST 2003
to speak with me. I found him to be charming, I must admit. He has some great
answers to some classic MusicIncider Magazine questions. Read on.

MI-What is your birth date?
Matt-May 2nd.

MI-Tell me how the band was formed.
Matt-Back in 1996, myself and Jonathan Donais got together on writing some stuff-we
had known each other from playing in bands on the local scene. We just wanted
to do something that was traditional metal-which was something that people weren’t
doing at the time. That was pretty much it. We spent several moths going through
other members trying to find a permanent lineup.

MI-If you could be a Walt Disney character-which one would it be and why?
Matt-I would probably have to go with Donald Duck because he is just always pissed
off. He can just through shit around and be all loud and obnoxious and people
still love him.

MI-Tell me about the new Shadows Fall cd.
Matt-One thing that I think is particularly noticeable is that there is quite
a variety as far as different types of songs. There is the nine minute epic metal
tune, the three minute rock song, the two acoustic pieces-the Pink Floyd cover.
We really tried to mix it up and have different types of tracks going on throughout
the whole record. The tracks are not the same and that is the number one noticeable
thing about it.

MI-If you could invite three people, living or dead, out for drinks-who would
they be?
Matt-I would have to say Walt Disney, Abe Lincoln, and Elvis.

MI-Tell me what made you become a musician.
Matt-I don’t really know how to do anything else (laughs). Everybody at
some point in their lives plays air guitar and sings into the hairbrush. It is
just a matter of pursuing that and trying to make it a reality which is the hardest
thing you could possibly do, and we are finally starting to get there.

MI-Do you believe in psychics and the paranormal?
Matt- Not particularly. No

MI-What is your greatest accomplishment as a musician?
Matt-I’d say right now being on the OZZFEST tour is the greatest thing-also
getting to travel everywhere and see the world. We have been to Japan three times.
We have been to Europe a few times-you get to see a lot of things.

MI-Tell me a joke.
Matt- I’m not the funniest guy in the world. I don’t really know any
that would be proper, let’s put it that way.

MI-Tell me about Lifeless Records and Lifeless Magazine.
Matt-They have been around since the first Shadows Fall album in the beginning
of 1998. It began as a vehicle to promote that record since we put it out ourselves.
I just kind of went with it as far as keeping the label going and trying to help
other bands that deserve a little bit of a push. Obviously, I can’t do massive
amount of things for them being that I am so busy with other things-but it is
more or less like a hobby.

MI-Who do you think the greatest musician of all time is?
Matt-Right now I would say Ben Folds. On the last record he played all of the
instruments on it himself and had something to do with the engineering as well-that
is a matter of being a jack of all trades. That takes a lot to do something like
that-drum tracks, guitar tracks, piano tracks, vocals-just everything. He is just
very talented.

MI-When you aren’t playing music, what do you do for fun?
Matt-There really isn’t much time for that is there (laughs). I just try
to relax and take it easy because being on the road is so hectic and crazy. There
is the traveling every day, and it is very chaotic. I just try to relax, unwind,
see a movie, and just stay in and catch my breath.

MI-What influences Shadows Fall music and lyrics?
Matt-Anything and everything from death metal bands to classical music. Everyone
in the band is into different types of music from punk rock music to bands like
Rush and Boston, classic rock. It could go anywhere-even eighties bands like Skid
Row. Brian listens to a lot of hip-hop and hippie music-like Grateful Dead. It
is all over the place. There is no one particular influence. I think that is the
influence, we try to mix it up as much as possible.

MI-What pisses you off the most about the world today?
Matt-Closed minded people. Definitely. People who aren’t willing to give
anything a chance. They assume that they won’t like something and they won’t
like the way things are-and they won’t give it a shot to try it just to
see. They are just stuck in their ways. They aren’t willing to try different

MI-What do your parents think about your music and your career?
Matt-They are into it. Everyone at one point in their life wanted to do it and
they are really psyched that I am doing it.
MI-Who would you compare your guitar playing style to and why?
Matt-I would compare myself to more of the rhythm guys in thrash days-like James
Hetfield of Metallica. People who just try to keep it solid and tight. We have
John to do the lead, so I try to be the rhythm guy. That is what I always focus
on anyway when I listen to music. I never really cared to play solos.

MI-If there was anyplace in the world that you could play live, where would it
Matt-I am really interested in checking out some places in South America, like
Brazil. I have heard that shows there are insane, so hopefully we will get to
do that someday. That is definitely top of the list right now.

MI-Who in the music world would you like to see open for Shadows Fall?
Matt-Any of the local up and coming bands that are out there just struggling trying
to be heard and trying to get a record deal and do it, because everyone started
off at that point. I think the greatest thing is to get a band like that out in
front of people. That’s how it starts.

MI-Tell me what you think about North Korea.
Matt-I don’t know anything about it. I try to shut myself off to those sorts
of things.

MI-If you had one million dollars to donate to any charity, which one would it
Matt-The Make A Wish Foundation.

MI-Where were you when 9-11 happened?
Matt- I was at home. I had just got home from a Japanese tour that we did, maybe
the day before. I was just at home relaxing and trying to catch my breath and
there it was.

MI-How would you design the 9-11 memorial?
Matt- I think the people that are working on that now are doing a hell of a job
doing that from what I have read about things. You obviously want to focus on
the people that were lost and the people that were there helping and getting things
done. It would have to touch on all of those areas. It would have to give respect
to everyone involved.

MI-What is your most memorable OZZFEST moment so far and why?
Matt-Probably-uhh. I was drunk for half of it (laughing). -The most memorable
part of any day is for the twenty minutes that we get to play. That twenty minutes
that we get to play are just unbelievable. The big crowds have been really responsive.
That is just the most memorable part of any day on this tour.

MI-What was one question you didn’t want me to ask you?
Matt-Tell me a joke, because I am not that funny-or the North Korea thing because
it is none of my business.

MI-If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring one book, one cd, and
one person-what would that one book, person, and cd be?
Matt-The cd would be Elton John’s greatest hits- as far as the book, I would
have to say a really gigantic book on American history because I am a nerd like
that- as far as a person, I would have to say someone that would amuse me-like
a comedian of some type, because you could really go stir crazy in a situation
like that.

MI-Give me your favorite quote of all time.
Matt-Blow it out your ass.

MI-Do you have a message for your fans?
Matt-It is not blow it out your ass (laughs). It is thanks for
your support, see you on the road-and we’ll drink a beer together.

I am looking forward to catching Matt and Shadows Fall at OZZFEST in Atlanta GA.
I know I won’t be disappointed.

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