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Jackson Sneed: Live At The Roxy

Get the FUCK out of the way Dave Matthews. You suck. I have found your replacement and his name is Jackson Sneed. He is better looking, talented, and far more real than you are. Jackson has a sound that has risen from years of being on the Atlanta music scence, and it was my luck to catch him live at his cd release party at The Roxy in Atlanta. -Jackson Sneed and his band have shades of absolutley fucking everything in their sound. It is almost fucking impossible to pin them into a genre. One minute you hear blues, one minute you hear jazz, one minute you hear metal….and on and on. But let me tell you, it makes the music exciting. The sound is real. It is made by real musicians-not computers. The one thing you won’t hear is rap. It eliminates the massive fucking boredom factor that can so easily set in with so much shit. The reason you hear so much variety is Jackson has not allowed himself to be packaged into a wad of corporate shit like a Dave Matthews. Jackson Sneed is more Atlanta grown jam band Allman Brothers flavor than anything else. At times, he is like a B.B. King with that voice and guitar of his. At other times, he sounds like he could teach Dave Matthews how to get out of the front door of that House of Boring SUCK he has been in his whole life. His hard rock, folk, jazz, blues vocal style sounds like a mixture of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steven Tyler, Bonnie Raitt, and Ozzy Osbourne sharing a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.
Jackson’s band does not suck either. Jackson has an organist. The organists name is Spencer Pope, and Spencer brings a really unique sound to the band. Spencer reminds me of Ray Manzarek and the sound he brought to Riders On The Storm (WITH MORRISON, NOT WITH IAN ASTBURY WHO SHOULD STILL BE WITH THE CULT.) He even has a stage presence. Imagine that. Jackson has a really great drummer named Brian Weinberg. This kid must be a relative of Max Weinberg or something-because that is who I thought of when I saw him before I ever knew his name. Alex Picca on rhythm guitar and backing vocals was most excellent-at times it was like the band had two guys fronting it. Alex and Jackson actually reminded me of Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt at times.
Notable tracks TO ME are Hello Goodbye Melissa, St. Augustine, and Frankenstein. I enjoyed them Jackson Sneed LIVE AT THE ROXY. Jackson even invited this fucking INCREDIBLE harmonica player on stage. Listen to me, go see JACKSON SNEED live and pick up a copy of his debut album-Sit.

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