JaD at The Park Tavern


JaD (now State of Man)-John Stringer-Acoustic Guitar, Vocals. Tommy Panza-Guitar. James Beale-Bass. Chris Love-Drums.

For my birthday, I went to go see JaD at The Park Tavern. I love these guys and have been pushing them for a few years now. I am a little confused about the band name change and the addition of Stringer playing an acoustic-but it doesn’t matter. John can sing and play guitar like Neil Young, Van Hunt, and Tom Petty. The addition of the guitar with him just makes him more fucking interesting. Stringer is a rock star. He has the rock star body, the rock star good looks, and the rock star voice. Stringer is a songwriter first class-get your hands on the last JaD release, Human Condition. -Stringer needed a room to work, and the Park Tavern wasn’t it. This isn’t a place for a great band. No lights, bad audio, and people swilling fucking beer didn’t stop him from putting on an interesting show. Stringer’s voice was really pretty interesting on a Pearl Jam cover. -Tommy Panza is a guitarist that is out of this world. I would see him anywhere that he was allowed to cut loose and play what he wanted. Panza has all of the technical over-the-top brilliance of Steve Vai, after all, he is Vai’s illegitimate son. The Park Tavern was not the place for Tommy Panza. Tommy should be front and center with that brilliant guitar of his. He is hard rock, and a stripped down show was not a place to showcase anything that Panza can do. -James Beale is an exciting bass player. He is a bass player with an exciting stage presence and personality. None of that came out for him. He hung out in the background and played his bass. -Chris Love is one of my favorite drummers in Atlanta. I think he looks good with his shaved head and ear ring now, but he wasn’t engineered to play this sort of venue. -Look, the show was good. It was put on by 99X. There was no room for JaD to cut loose and express themselves. We had an exciting band playing to a room full of people having fucking dinner-it was like oil and water. It might have been fine for just Stringer and his acoustic, but as a venue for a full band? No. -What fucking worries me is this: The Echo Lounge is now closed. The Nine Lives Saloon is now closed. The Masquerade is closing. The venues that once showcased small local bands and culture are dropping off the map, and local bands are going to have to get more creative to play in Atlanta. We are probably going to see more shows at The Park Tavern, a place that is far mare suited to plain old acoustic sets on a Sunday afternoon. -The small venue is starting to die off in the city, and this scares the shit out of me. Atlanta is full of excellent local bands that give the city a really rich culture. Our local bands are starting to play outside of the city in droves. They are going to Florida, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. -If your favorite local is playing, go see them. We need to give our locals lots of fucking support before they all move to New York. If you are in a local band, don’t give up. Play your music like JaD, and be true to your art. Somebody is always listening.

Some Local Working Venues -check them out:

40 Watt Club
URL: www.40watt.com
Phone: 706.369.8399
Address:285 W. Washington St. Athens GA 30601

Breakers Music Hall
URL: www.breakersmusic.com
Phone: 770.472.1559
Address:7716 N Main Street Jonesboro

CJ’s Landing
URL: www.cjslanding.com
Phone: 404.237.7657
Address:270 Buckhead Ave Atlanta (Buckhead)

Darkhorse Tavern
Phone: 404.873.3607
Address:816 N. Highland Ave, Atlanta, GA 30306

Dave’s House
Phone: 4049338849
Address:1275 Pounds Ln Clarkston, GA 30021

EarthLink Live
URL: www.earthlinklive.com
Phone: 404.885.13685
Address:1374 West Peachtree St. Atlanta

Hard Rock Cafe/Velvet Underground
URL: www.hardrock.com/locations/cafes/Cafes.aspx?Lc=ATLA
Address:215 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta

Lenny’s Bar
URL: beansummer.tripod.com/lennysbar/index.html
Phone: 404.577.7721
Address:307 Memorial Drive Atlanta

Liz Reed’s Music Hall
URL: lizreedbooking@spookyheaven.com
Phone: 478.746.8959
Address:557 Cherry Street (downtown) Macon, GA

URL: www.lubys.us
Phone: 678.442.0088
Address:1098 Herrington Rd Lawrenceville

URL: www.masq.com
Phone: 404.577.8178
Address:695 North Ave Atlanta

Masquerade Music Park (behind the Masquerade)
URL: www.masq.com
Phone: 404.577.8178
Address:695 North Ave NE Atlanta, Georgia

Neutron Bomb
URL: www.neutronbomb.org
Address:486 Decatur St Atlanta

Smith’s Olde Bar
URL: www.geocities.com/smithsoldebar/
Phone: 404.875.1522
Address:1578 Piedmont Ave Atlanta

Star Bar
URL: www.starbar.net
Phone: 404.681.9018
Address:437 Moreland Ave Atlanta (Little 5 Points)

Swayze’s Venue
URL: www.swayzesvenue.com
Phone: 770.590.0111
Address:2543 Bells Ferry Rd Suite 650 Marietta

URL: www.atlantaconcerts.com/tabernacle.html
Phone: 404.659.9022
Address:152 Luckie St. Atlanta

Ten High Club
URL: www.tenhighclub.com
Address:816 N. Highland Ave Atlanta

The Drunken Unicorn
URL: www.thedrunkenunicorn.net
Address:736 Ponce de Leon Place

The Earl
URL: www.badearl.com
Phone: 404.522.3950
Address:488 Flat Shoals Ave East Atlanta

The Hangnail
URL: hellblinki.com/hangnail/
Phone: 706.722.9899
Address:306 Eight Street Augusta, Georgia

The Hideout @ Desire

The Last Great Watering Hole
URL: www.lastgreatwateringhole.com
Phone: 770.270.5571
Address:4341 Hugh Howell Road Tucker

The Library
URL: www.librarybar.s5.com
Phone: 404.874.5400
Address:800 Marietta St. Atlanta

The Roxy Theatre
URL: www.atlantaconcerts.com/roxy.html
Phone: 404.233.1062
Address:3110 Roswell Rd Atlanta (Buckhead)

The Sanctuary
Phone: 404.246.8979
Address:840 Marietta St. Atlanta

Under the Couch
URL: www.underthecouch.org
Address:840 McMillan Street N.W Atlanta (Georgia Tech)

Variety Playhouse
URL: www.variety-playhouse.com
Phone: 404.524.7354
Address:1099 Euclid Avenue Atlanta (Little 5 Points)

URL: www.vinylatlanta.com
Phone: 404.885.9198
Address:1374 West Peachtree St. Atlanta (part of Earthlink Live)

Warehouse One
URL: www.muxproductions.com/~warehouseone/directions.html
Address:485 Buford Dr. Suite # 200 Lawrenceville, GA 30045

WREK (Student Center Commons Stage)
URL: www.wrek.org
Phone: 404-894-2468


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