Jane’s Addiction


Jane’s Addiction at Lollapalooza
8/3/03 HI FI BUYS Atlanta, GA

History Lesson 101: Lollapalooza was ‘conceived’ by Jane’s Addiction’s lead singer back in 1991 as a part of Jane’s Addiction’s farewell tour. –So that is how we got this festival with tattoo artists, and pot lollypops. We got it because a great, flamboyant band was deciding to take a break-for a little while. –Personally, Perry-no offense here, but I HATED Porno for Pyros. What the hell were you thinking? Jane’s Addiction was SO FUCKING GOOD, and then we had Porno for Pyros. ACK. ACK. ACK. Thinking about Porno for Pyros makes me feel like I am getting a hairball when I compare it to Ritual de lo Habitual. –By the way, I was really fucking happy about Jane’s Addiction playing so much off of Ritual de lo Habitual and Nothing’s Shocking during their Lollapalooza set. The band sprinkled in some of the newer stuff off of Strays too, but Perry Ferrell has always been the sort of showman to give them want they want. It was amazing to hear the older stuff played absolutely live. –Ferrell was dressed is classic Jane’s style. No. He wasn’t in full drag, but I LOVED the hat with the white feather, the pink jacket, and the shiny silver pants. Dave Navarro was EXTREMELY fucking sexy when he was shirtless with a boa. Dave is one of my all time favorite fucking guitar players anyway, and it was a fucking TREAT to see him sweat on my stage at the HI FI BUYS in Atlanta. –In case you were wondering, I don’t REALLY own the stage at the Hi Fi, but I should.
We had dancing girls and a HUGE silver set. You should always build the set to match your pants, and when you think up an idea like Lollapalooza you can build the set to match your fucking pants too. I am a fan of Perry Ferrell’s vocals. I am really into singers who do not sound like fucking Cookie Monster these days, although I am a great fan of The Cookie Song. I am really into front men who like to put on a show for the crowd too. Ferrell was absolutely tireless onstage. Watching him onstage was making ME fucking tired. –Navarro was absolutely BEAUTIFUL onstage. Watching him was making me fucking sweat. I want to be invited to photograph his boa collection. –We should be grateful that Lollapalooza came back to us. It was a great idea in the beginning, and it is a great idea in 2003. It is hot HOT HOT. The crowd had an AMAZING time, and Atlanta is full of Jane’s Addiction freaks. –I just hope Perry sticks with Lollapalooza and DOES NOT try to recreate Porno for Pyros.

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