Josh Todd At The Roxy


Josh Todd: Josh Todd-Vocals. Jesse Logan-Guitars. Mike Hewitt-Guitars. Kent Ross-Drums. Stevie D-Guitars.

Ahh Josh. Who couldn’t love a GREAT rock singer like you? You sing like Axl Rose and Bon Scott. You wriggle, bounce, strut and sell that music like the gold that it is. But that’s not how I want to start this off now is it? I really don’t want this to sound like a goofy ass fan letter. -So let me tell my readers about Josh Todd. Josh was fucking hot in Buckcherry. He sang, strutted and caught my attention then. I love great singers. I love great performers. I saw Josh in a few movies and thought maybe he let music to become the next Tom Cruise. Then I get a press pack on a CD with Josh on the cover. Amazing, incredible-I love the CD and interview him for Issue 4 of MusicIncider. Good shit, incredible interview. I hear Josh is on the road with STEVEN TYLER-too bad I hate flying, because that was in Japan. Then, I get a break. Josh Todd is on the road with the incredible Tesla. Why would I call this a fucking break you might ask? Name your great rock singers with me. Steven Tyler, Jeff Keith, Mark Slaughter, David Coverdale, Bret Michaels, Bon Scott, Axl Rose(yeah, I know-not a complete list-but I am trying to make a point here), Scott Weiland and yes, Josh Todd. Josh Todd is a singer and a performer like the legends. He will be the guy that this generation of music fans think of as the great one-and he deserves all of the motherfucking press and love MusicIncider can give him. In twenty years, he will be doing the tours like Aerosmith. Let me tell you about the show. Josh came out on stage sporting a Genotorturers t-shirt with the words ‘Punish Me’ on the back. For anybody who knows about Gen-she will smack you in the balls with a shovel. Locals bands that have opened for her, hardcore bands, will wear dresses in submission. So this means Josh is more than a little bad. I like bad boys. -Mark John seemed to be gone, and one of the guitar players was pulled off of guitar and slammed on bass. Ask me if I know which one, but this kid has acquired some stage presence and attitude with the move to bass. I loved the coat. I loved the hair. I loved the bluesy swing that he brought to the bass line-more great shit. -Stevie D is the new guy on the guitar. I know this because Josh told us so. He does an okay job with the backing vocals, but I have a feeling he is still trying to fit in and mesh in with the band. He experienced massive techinical problems and had to drop out on the last song of the set-Shine. -Kent Ross on drums plays like Animal from the Muppets. I love that kid. He is multi-talented, energetic, and has a pretty good stage presence to boot. You are going to like him. -But back to Josh. People go to concerts, because seeing somebody do a song live is a million times better than hearing it on cd. You want to see Josh Todd live. He sings like Axl Rose and Bon Scott. He can work a crowd and draw that crowd into the experiece of his music. Good shit. Great shit. Catch him live, you won’t be sorry.


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