MusicIncider: When is your birth date?

Skape: 08/02/1977
Casper: 02/21/1979

MusicIncider: What made you become a musician?

Casper: I just sorta found myself doing it.
Skape: I always listened to other people’s music and thought about what I would have done differently.

MusicIncider: Who are your musical influences and why?

Casper: That’s a tough question, because I am awful with names. I have this huge mental databank of music, but no names to match. If I had to throw some names out there, it would be Dark Agenda, Roni Size, Vinyl Syndicate…
Skape: The whole Katapolt sound is influenced by Ronnie Size, Photek, DJ Hype, DJ Spooky… Goldie influenced the sound a lot, Grooverider, and UK Drum and Bass along with a lot of American Hip-Hop.

MusicIncider: What is your favorite instrument to play and why?

Casper: That would be the drums if I had I drum set… Digital drums.
Skape: It would be a toss up. I know that a lot of people don’t consider laptops instruments. It is definitely more complex than any sampler or sequencer. You can really do pretty much anything on that. I also really like playing keys a lot. It is really a toss up between those two.

MusicIncider: What is your stance on gun control?

Casper: The only real gun control is the control of the person holding the gun.
Skape: I would have to back him up on that.

MusicIncider: Have you ever inhaled?

Casper: One too many times, but not anymore…
Skape: I used to back in the day, but we’re certified Boy Scouts now.

MusicIncider: Do you believe in psychics or the paranormal? Why or why not?

Casper: YES.
Skape: I don’t really feel too deeply about it. I do believe that there are psychics. I do believe in the paranormal. I feel like I have been in a couple of paranormal situations in the past.

MusicIncider: Tell us the story about how your band was born.

Casper: This good friend of ours, a drum and bass DJ named Jagarundi, was going to do a live set at The Church and he asked Skape if he wanted to link up. Skape then asked me if I wanted to as well…
Skape: I was excited, I wanted Casper to come back me up with some beats, or maybe even some video projections. We had been friends for a while and had really jammed out once or twice. Jagurundi didn’t actually wind up spinning at the party… Casper had already invited some of his friends down from New York to see us live for the first time. So we just decided we were going to play at this girl’s birthday party. At that party was our soon-to-be upright bass player – My Cousin Troy. The rest of our band consists of dj Quiz, who’s our scratch dj… Kimani (Slim Buddah) & Derek (Zen) who are the lyricists also known as Keys2Kurrents, and Aaron – who goes by Soldata, (another one of our lyricists).

MusicIncider: How did you come up with the name Katapolt?

Skape: I came up with the name. It sounded really German and cool sounding. It seemed really futuristic to me and reflected the music that we want to put out there.
Casper: We like to throw a lot at our listeners… an audible “katapolt” of sorts.

MusicIncider: How do you feel about the music industry and the way it treats you?

Casper: We are underground – so we aren’t really a part of the “industry”.
Skape: We’re pretty underground. I have to agree with Casper on that. You have to create a name for yourself before some big guy is going to swoop down and pick you up. You really have to start something grassroots. No one is going to put you on unless you put yourself on.

MusicIncider: Describe yourself as a person.

Casper: I’m pretty easy-going, and very artistic. I’m also probably the craziest guy behind the wheel that you’ve ever met.
Skape: What kind of question is that? Pass.

MusicIncider: What is your greatest achievement?

Casper: Graduation from the Atlanta College of Art with a Digital Multimedia degree. I had 18 credits plus an internship my last semester, and I still made it out on time.
Skape: Receiving “Best of Show” in my class at the Art Institute.

MusicIncider: When is your next album coming out?

Skape: Well, we’re working on a couple of 12″s. We’ll have some vinyl out with the Brand New Natives within the next month. We’re shooting to have the album completed by Summer ’03.

MusicIncider: Tell me your feelings and opinions about 9-11. Has it changed your life? If so, how?

Casper: Well, I used to live a couple hours north of the city, and my best friend lives in Manhattan… so it kinda hit close to home. As far as how it changed my life personally… it inspired me artistically to step it up a notch, because you never know… everything might be over tomorrow.
Skape: I was dumbstruck when it all went down. I couldn’t beleive what was happening. I will say that it definitely affected Atlanta hard as far as economy goes. A lot of my friends who are in art-related fields are out of jobs, and can’t find anyone hiring.

More to be transcribed from this interview soon… stay tuned.


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