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From Agoura Hills, California, Linkin Park is Chester Bennington (singer), Rob Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitar), Joe Hahn (DJ/turntablist), Dave “Phoenix” Farrell (bass), and Mike Shinoda (MC/vocals).

The Nu-metal group formed in 1996, though they gained mainstream notoriety in 2000 with Hybrid Theory, which went Diamond. They have since won two Grammys among the 7 CDs they have put out since 2007.

Wake (Instrumental)

Given Up
The writer of this song is so overloaded with the music industry that he would like time off to himself. Sometimes life is so hard for him to go on, and being the star that he is, he wishes he could have a normal life. He doesn’t regret his life or accomplishments. He’s proud of his career. But sometimes he wishes he could go back from whence he came; that is, to his roots. 

Leave Out All The Rest

The man in the song believes he had a near death experience, and all he’s had is a nightmare. And, in this dream, he feels like he is drowning inside, and realizes all his mistakes. The one person he doesn’t see is the love of his life, but he can feel her. He begs her not to leave. He realizes all the hurt and pain that he’s put on her, not realizing what life with a musician would be like and that she is the rock and the stability he relies on. When he awakes, he finds his lover and they have a good talk about all the mistakes they’ve made; they won’t leave each other till the end.

Bleed It Out

This is a song to save the youth of America. Suicide’s not the answer. And, this is what Linkin Park is trying to prove to America‘s youth. No matter how hard life is, there’s always hope. But, this guy doesn’t understand that and that’s how he ends up in a hearse. He carried the grief and problems of everyone, and he felt the only way to relieve their pain (because he feels responsible), was to kill himself.

Shadow Of The Day

This is after the friend’s wake. Why did he do it? They all want answers. Where were they when he needed them? He was always there for them. Cards and candies aren’t going to give them answers. Instead of helping him, they sucked him dry. But, nobody was there for him.

What I’ve Done

This is the ultimate suicide note. This is a kid contemplating suicide. Should he do it or not? He’s going to leave it in God’s hands. He’s come home and can’t get rid of the nightmares. He’s going to end up in the same hell as he was before if he goes through with this.

Hands Held High

This is your ultimate war song. As you can tell, the main character finally admits the truth and the pain that he’s going through, and he can’t handle it anymore. He knows what this war is turning into. He knows he’ll end up back there. He’s already seeing the beginning of Armageddon and doesn’t want to be there for the end.

No More Sorrow

Nice power chords and nice use of the ebow in the open. The message is clear and straight: it’s time to impeach Bush. This is a totally different character from suicide/war boy. This kid has realized how the government has lied. How Bush has lied with promises that haven’t come through for the troops or people. And the only way to clean up his mistakes is to fire his cabinet, including Colin Powell, Rumsfeld, and the list goes on. He’s brought in his own special staff from Texas to run the country. This kid wants to know when are all the lies gonna stop? When is the honesty going to start coming out?

This song is weird. As soon as Colin Powell “retired” and “stepped down” he started letting the truth out. And then, suddenly, his mouth shut up. How much was he paid off? All this kid wants is the troops to come home, to have a normal life and not come back in a body bag, with parents wondering what was my son/daughter fighting for? Were they fighting for a student loan, paid for by the government.

Valentine’s Day

When we look at the character from Leave Out All The Rest, he makes his loved one believe that everything is ok. And then she finds out he’s died on Valentine’s Day. He’s cremated and wishes his ashes were spread. And, the wish is granted and she is there with the grey mist that’s taking away the man she loved.

The other interpretation of this song is that the girl receives a letter from her boyfriend’s best friend. Her boyfriend was re-enlisted and his friend is holding him until the end and watching and wondering how this is going to end up. So, he writes his friend’s girlfriend about how their friend died. And, all he could see was the grey sky from the bombing, and the sand, and his friend’s soul enter neverwhere. Who will have his back?

We were not supposed to be there. We were supposed to be there with you. I will always be there with you as a friend. I will tell you more if I make it home.

In Between

The girl has a dream now. This is the first of many visitations from the man she loved. She imagined growing old with him, watching their children and grandchildren play. She sees him in her dream, and asks him why he’s there. He apologizes and says he lied, cheated, and did everything to give her a better life.
He’s apart from her physically, but will always be with her in spirit, and he apologizes.

Life will begin when they meet again on the other side. The girl wakes up crying, and the only way she knows to communicate with him is to write to him. He continues coming back, apologizing, promising he will be waiting for her, to meet her with a big embrace.

In Pieces

This is the girl’s answer to her dream, song In Between, about her dead love. She will forgive him, but remembers all the times he lied. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so he lied. She forgave him all those times without giving up on him. But, this death took her to the breaking point where she wondered if it’s another lie.

The Little Things Get In The Way

Rob Bourdon wrote this song after visiting Louisiana and New Orleans. He saw the levees, people dying from heat stroke on the bridges, the bodies floating in the water. He saw the truth. He saw someone trying to save a loved one who couldn’t swim. It was people trying to do what the government should’ve done. A flight over Louisiana , Bush, doesn’t make the problem go away. Repairing levees is one thing, but it doesn’t make them strong enough to withstand another Katrina, or even an Andrew. He’s trying to tell us our country has to protect its people.

This song should be playing on the air. It should not be forgotten. The CD is full of misery and suffering, but this song puts the icing on the cake. The whole CD is full of truth, and this is the one song that is first-hand truths, which Bourdon saw. This should be the anthem for Louisiana so Bush never forgets.

Bourdon should be doing more writing. He’s creative, like Tom Petty, in his writing ways.

Everybody in the industry is putting out anti-war albums. Linkin Park, with their own creative mind, made themselves a million-dollar hit. They made it so any teenager could see what the hell is going on in this country. And, that is the most important thing Linkin Park has done in their career. This is an educational piece that every parent should give to their kid, so the younger generation understands why they SHOULD NOT join the military. Linkin Park is giving you a message: leaving is easier than returning until you get over there, when you wonder if you’ll come home in a body bag or on a plane.

I never rate an album between 1 and 10. This album is a 10+. It is as good as Highway Companion. It’s a masterpiece. Please, parents, do not buy it at Wal-Mart, where they erase all the bad words. Your children need to be exposed to the world and all its truths. Maybe you’ll see the message they’re trying to send out: impeach Bush, end the war, peace, love, and take care of the people (Katrina.) Keep sending out those messages, Linkin Park.

I believe in my heart that Linkin Park should be in a USO tour to help the troops have something to believe in about coming home, so they don’t forget those they’ve left behind, so they remember to respond to their family members’ letters, no matter how distressed they feel in the war.

PS, this is for the troops. You know, your mom baked all day to send you those cookies. Eat them, they’re filled with love. You’re coming home, and Linkin Park knows it.


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