How can this CD cover not grab your eye? An alerting, safety vest orange is cast against a visibly damaged background that highlights the band’s name: LowBuz. Fuck, the name alone is attention getting. The distressing cover art visually supports the album name: “Breaking Point.”

Flipping the case over we get personal with silhouettes of the band members. From left to right we’re presented with Mike Koenig, guitar, Dave Neabore, bass, Jeff Dixon, vocals, LJ Gravine, drums, and Rob Tarulli, guitar. They appear to be an interesting group of guys. I wouldn’t mind chillin’ with them.

Opening the case, I rip out the CD and drop it into my laptop. Let’s see what these bitches offer! Pressing play drenches me with heavy guitars, drums, and bass. That’s the shit I wanna hear. But, I’m always cautious about badass fucking instruments leading into a song, especially if it’s a new band/new song. Is this song going to be ruined by weak vocals? It’s happened before: I’ve heard a goddamn kick ass start to a song that’s sabotaged by shitty vocals. To my relief, this is hardly the case with Jeff Dixon. This mo’fo tosses the vocals out like candy. “On the Ledge” is the song that I’m now tapping my foot to and moving my body to. Dixon lets out some variation in his vocal talent that, at times, sounds like Sevendust and switches to a harmonious Dio. Scratchy, throaty, harsh, and yet smooth and silky. Get it, boy, fuckin’ get it!

Typically, the first song makes or breaks me when reviewing a CD. If it’s not the first song, I’ll give them a slight benefit of the doubt and circulate through a few random tracks. LowBuz catches me from the beginning and keeps my attention. The beat wants me to move and I can’t sit still while listening to this shit! I’m not a bitch that just listens to music; I have to feel it and goddamnit, I feel it. Thundering guitars and bass, pounding drums, and angst vocals could power me through an exercise routine/workout, energize me while working, or help me slam the fuckin’ pedal while driving. That’s always the best kind of music, the shit that you can haul ass to in rush hour traffic.

LowBuz has a great sound. The band offers a powerful and commanding sound that kicks ass. I notice some variation between the songs, though I would love to hear them step it up with a little more experimentation. But, that’s enough shooting them down. Every song on the album keeps me rockin’. I definitely recommend getting this album. Support these mother fuckers, they’re going to be movin’ forward.


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