Malevolent Creation: Warkult


Malevolent Creation: Dave Culross-Drums. Phil Fasciana-Guitars. Kyle Symons-Vocals. Rob Barrett-Guitars. Gordon Simms-Bass.

I picked up this CD and immediately fell in love with the artwork on the cover-red and black with a cannon pointing right at you. I am from New York, so I like shit to make a definite point. I liked the name of the CD-Warkult. So this badass death metal CD made its way out of my mighty DEEP pile of reviews that need to be done. It caught my attention, and that in and of itself is a hard thing to do. -I dug a little deeper and found out that Malevolent Creation has been around for awhile. They formed in 1987 in Buffalo New York. I have always been surprised that more death metal doesn’t come out of Buffalo because it is so fucking cold there. -The band made the jump to Florida in the early nineties, no surprise there because Florida is the home to American death metal-and it is a hell of a lot warmer than Buffalo. -The band has gone through massive line-up changes over the years. All bands do. Constant touring and no money can make for some very unhappy wives and girlfriends. -The band got into a fight with Roadrunner than nearly destroyed it-no surprise there. Look at Dry Kill Logic. Malevolent Creation probably refused to put on rubber masks-that was about the time that SlipKnot was born. -When I looked over the band history, Guitarist Phil Fasciana is the one constant factor in the line-up over the years. His guitar is like a melodic machine gun that hits you where you fucking live. If he ran a war, he would be fucking Hilter and HE would have probably listened to his astrologer. Listen to him rule on Preemptive Strike, and on Grounds of Battle. Dave Culross on drums runs the cannons for this band.
It sounds like mortar fire. Kyle Symons on vocals is a rapid fire assault rifle keeping up with the break neck pace set by the guitars and drums-he fucking rocks.
I would be willing to bet that he is fucking amazing live. -Rob Barrett does a hell of a job on guitars switching up with Phil Fasciana . These two guys have an amazing amount of power and are totally underated as guitar players. Gordon Simms on bass is thunder. I can hear the tanks roll with this guy. -I like this band a lot. I have never had the priviledge of seeing them live, but I sure as fuck am looking forward to it. -Warkult is a death metal CD that is of the highest fucking quality and I give it a nine out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’s with a few bloody stumps thrown in for good order. My favorite tracks on this CD were the bonus track-Jack The Ripper, On Grounds of Battle, and Preemptive Strike. -If you get a chance to catch the death metal war machine known as Malevolent Creation in a town near you-GO. Have fun getting your ass kicked.

Track Listing:

1. Dead March
2. Preemtive Strike
3. Supremacy Through Annihilation
4. Murder Reigns
5. Captured
6. Merciless
7. Section 8
8. On Grounds Of Battle
9. Tyrannic Oppression
10. Ravaged By Conflict
11. Shock And Awe

Bonus track:
12. Jack The Ripper (Hobbs Angel Of Death cover)


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