Man Made God Rolls the Big Rock: 99X Big Rock Show at Stone Mountain


Man Made God Rolls the Big Rock: 99X Big Rock Show at Stone Mountain
June 13th, 2003
Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Pann: vocals
Craig Locicero: guitar
Steve Jacobs: drums
James Walker: bass

I am 99X-never were truer fucking words spoken. The 99X shows at Stone Mountain
are the best deal in the state. Show your little freeloader card and see the
greatest, hottest, rock bands in the whole fucking world for free. One of the
greatest, hottest fucking rock groups to hit The Rock was Man Made God from
California. 99X usually starts out the shows at Stone Mountain by featuring
a local band, but in this case they made an exception and I am glad they did.
Man Made God is so good that fucking Rick Rubin has produced their cd. Man Made
God sounds like Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and The Beatles tossed
into a blender. They have an amazing stage presence. You can tell when you watch
them on stage that they really fucking dig what they are doing. They play to
the crowd on the stage, and really seem to know how to get them worked up. People
were flipping frisbees around and moshing. – Pann’s vocals are just plain
fucking sexy. He has rock star good looks and onstage poses fit for the cover
of fucking Rolling Stone. –Craig Locicero plays a blistering lead guitar.
He could chop wood with that fucking axe, or cut some serious metal with it.
Steve Vai would love him. –Steve Jacobs beats those drums like Man Made
God is going to war or offering a ritual sacrifice to the gods. –James
Walker plays bass like he is banging on his girlfriends door begging to be let
in. He is fucking brilliant.

Man Made God is fucking hot. It was an inspiration to have them open for Die
Trying and Saliva at this show. I love 99X for turning Atlanta on to them. Fuck,
I love 99X for turning me on to them. When they come around again, go see them.
Man Made God is 99X.

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