Mason Proper, There Is A Moth In Your Chest


Mason Proper – There is a Moth in your Chest

Barbara Fara
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Proper is Jonathan Visgr (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Matt Thomson (keyboard, guitar), Zac Fineberg (bass), Brian Konicek (guitar), and Jesse Parsons (drums).

Their refreshingly unique sound gets old quickly. Simultaneously, it reminds me music grows and is redefined by bands like this. While it keeps within the rock genre with a rock beat, vocalist, bass, etc., electronic sounds play prominently in their music.

Together, the classic rock instruments and the electronic elements create a plaid sound. I wore a plaid jumper for parochial school for years, and so I have a great distaste of plaid. Doesn’t mean it can’t work in someone else’s wardrobe, just not in mine.

And, like plaid, maybe There Is A Moth In Your Chest just won’t make it to my CD collection, but it could have significance to music. Mason Proper may be that band whose work invents new elements if they can successfully fuse it with the traditional rock.

Right now, I’m not convinced Mason Proper should give up on inventing the new, just think they need to keep trying. For instance, the electronic element on I Spy just hurts my ears and annoys me. Though, I do like that they lighten the weight and drop some of the sounds, leaving mostly lead vocals, horse-block kind of quick-whipped beat, and organ-ish sound.

Overall, I think they would serve me personally well to lighten the load they give the listener. Like stripes instead of plaid, maybe they could focus on making a couple of new sounds work together instead of forcing everything together into a song at a time. It’s overwhelming at times.

Ironically, another lighter song is Lifes Cornucopia. This one is more palatable for me, because I can discern the different sounds.

Conversely, Lights Off is a prime example of some of their cacophonous tendencies that jar me. Some electronic instrument leads off with the main melody. It’s experimental, but not a pleasant sound. The electronic sounds and the classic rock instruments unpleasantly collide and explode at the end of Ligths Off.  

Sometimes it seems no one instrument is leading, not even the vocals. Overall, the CD feels chaotic. Maybe it’s throwing me off because they don’t throw in what I’m pre-programmed to hear at different places in a song.

And that’s all she wrote. Give them a chance, they might work for you. Here’s the track list:

A Chance Encounter

Miss Marylou Carreau

My My (Bad Fruit)

100 Yrs


Chemical Dress Eliza

Lights Off

The World Is Smaller Than You Think

Mr Charm

I Spy

Lifes Cornucopia

Carousel! Carousel!

Blue Lips Eternal Inquiry


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