Megadeth: United Abominations


United Abominations

Barbara Fara
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Band Members:

Dave Mustaine- Born 9/3/61 in LaMesa CA- Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar
Shawn Drover-Born   5/5/1966 Quebec Canada -Drummer
James Lomenzo- Born 1/13/59 Brooklyn NY Bassist
Chris Broderick- Born 3/6/1970 Lakewood CA- Guitarist

“There would be no Metallica without Dave Mustaine” – Barb Fara, President and CEO of


Once upon a time, in 1982, there was a little band called Metallica – now one of the biggest rip-off bands of the century. If it was not for Dave Mustaine, there would be no Metallica. Sometime in 1983, after a show, he and Lars get trashed together and Lars did not have the guts to tell him until the next day that they were kicking him out of Metallica. The band gave him 60 bucks and sent him packing back to LA. During this time period in ‘83, before Megadeth was born, Dave with his productive Virgo nature was cooking up ways to start a new band. He comes up with the name Megadeth. Metallica takes it as Dave trying to get revenge. Dave was not trying to get revenge. Like he said on the Metallica dvd, he would have gotten help if someone told him he had a problem. Instead they just sent him packing to deal with it alone. Lars said, “For the past 20 years you have been trying to get back at Metallica.” Dave’s answer was, “Metallica has HARDLY been the only thing on my mind for the past 20 years.” Virgos don’t like to be burned, fucked over or lied to. If they had just been straight with him, maybe he would still be with them and Metallica wouldn’t be the sell out band they are today. Dave decided Megadeth would be a non sell out band and he has stayed true to that. He does switch band members every single year though. Dave is always saying that the band is breaking up or retiring and yet a new album always comes out. Deep down, does he think that Metallica will die from shock that he has managed again to rise from the ashes to come out with yet another brilliant album? Sometime in 2002, he was in a motorcycle accident. There were rumors of severe nerve damage or TIA in his left arm – but that did not stop the great Dave Mustaine. If anything, it made him stronger than he had ever been before. Being kicked out of Metallica was meant to be – it was a call to arms to get his ass cleaned up and start Megadeth, thereby making the world a better place.


Dave is one. political. motherfucker. He does not hold back what he says or feels. He knows a phony when he sees one. This is why I believe he has replaced every member of Megadeth every few years – with this current lineup on the new cd, though, he may have found exactly what he has been searching for. If you are lucky enough to live in or near Atlanta, on 4/20/08, you can catch Megadeth live at the Masquerade.


Since I am done praising my strawberry-blond god of guitar rock, let’s look at Megadeth’s 11th and newest cd, United Abominations.


United Abomination track listing:


Dave knows the difference between the spiritual world and this physical plane. As you are listening to this track, you know that he has a force inside him that makes him feel that his dream state is reality. He is trying to keep this force from entering into his dreams. Are we getting the hint here people? We have terrible nightmares of destruction and then we wake up and we think everything is fine. We should be watching the news and reading newspapers. The world is changing right in front of our eyes and we don’t see it. But Dave does. So kiddies, don’t be afraid of going to sleep at night, cuz you are actually seeing the real world for what it is, and then when you awake in the morning, compare that dream to reality and you will see what Dave means.


Washington is Next!

Megadeth gives us a history lesson, but they do it smartly. If you read the lyrics to the song and you can’t interpret it, let me give it to you in a nutshell. Everyone has seen what he is saying, for the past 7 years our lives have been in hell and we have an evil king in the office by the name GWB. If these war games don’t stop, things will only get worse. When I listen to this prophetic tinged track, I wonder what Dave sees in that head of his. Is he seeing the 4th Reich, a biological nightmare? Is he seeing our future? Is he trying to prepare us now, when we should have been prepared the day the towers went down? We are losing more and more every day, so many troops. Unless we get the right woman in power, we will not see the Camelot years, aka the Clinton years again. Before this bloody war, the natural disasters, before the oil crunch and food prices rising and rising. Behind every dumb man, there is a smart woman. And I think Megadeth is trying to make a point here. We don’t need a king, we need a queen. Or better still – Dave Mustaine for President!


Never Walk Alone – a Call to Arms

This is actually more like a love song than a metal song. The character in the song hurt the one he loved once and now she is broken again. Every time she tries to rely on him again, he screws up. He knows this and is telling her that he understands why she doesn’t trust him. But here he is pleading with her to see the changes in his life since they separated, so that he can protect her from those that are trying to hurt her. He will always have her back and no matter what she will never, ever be alone again.


United Abominations

It starts with 9/11. Why did we attack Saddam Hussein when he had nothing to do with it? The war crimes that are going on overseas show that we are simply building a military corporation. Turning our children into pawns in the war machine. And they are left to believe the USA will protect them. If there is going to be a NOW, we have to get our ass out of Iraq and put the younger generation into power. Vietnam, nobody treated those vets with respect. They were treated like shit. They were trained to shoot and kill. Now here we are again. This is never going to end. We are going to finish destroying Iraq and then go after Iran and North Korea. Dave said we have to get our shit together and get the UN together before we have Armageddon. Bush is leaving office while we are still bringing home bodies; while he gets ready for a nice retirement we are left us in chaos, picking up the pieces of our country.


Gears of War

We are playing with a very different breed of fucking ammunition than we have ever had in the past. We are recruiting these kids after making them promises of college tuition and then we bring them home in caskets. How many more soldiers are going to die, how many more mothers will have to bury their sons and daughters? We have to realize that we are training kids to be killing machines. When are we going to stop this stupidity and bring the troops home. Things have to change or they will end up getting worse. Bush has to end this mess before he leaves office, admit his wrongs or he will pay for it when he    when he dies and meets the reaper.


Blessed are the Dead

Ever hear the tale of the four horsemen? Dave is prophesizing the bible. He is letting us know that the four horsemen are coming and as he states, the white horse is the cloud of death, the red horse will bring a war to end all wars, a pale horse with pestilence and a black horse with famine and scales. What are we doing? Are we going to let it happen or stop it? And yet, it’s still a beautiful song, where he is giving thanks for all those that have passed who have tried to save us before and he wants this to be over soon. When and if this war ever ends, as Dave says, he will believe it when he sees his name in stone.


Play for Blood

Dave Mustaine is speaking for the trigger happy soldier, the one that looks at the war like a video game. Every time he shoots at someone he gets that little rush, the high. He will become an expert at what he does, which is killing. And he will probably come home with PTSD and a lust for war that has turned him into a human terminator. Train our troops not just to kill but treat others with compassion and humanity.


A Tout Le Monde (set me free)

This track features Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil singing backup. A young couple marries, the husband joins the service. Right before he gets killed he writes this beautiful letter. Young soldier dies. His body comes home with the letter in his uniform pocket and as she reads it she cries and cries, wondering how she will ever see him again. She realizes that the only way she can see him again is that if she sets herself free in death, and to her, a love like this is worth it.



People are being judged by their race, religion, and the color of their skin. There are people out there from middle eastern decent that have been citizens most or all of their lives. These people are being attacked for no reason when they are legitimate citizens; all these hardworking immigrants that are trying to build a life here – then 9/11 happens. We have become Amerikhastan. We have a war right here in the states. Why should someone be coming out of a church, or temple, or school and be attacked when they don’t have anything to do with any terrorist? We are ALL immigrants. Ellis Island, anyone? What Megadeth is trying to say here, is that forget the war overseas, what about the hungry and poor right here? Nobody is fucking helping our own downtrodden masses. When Dave tells you to turn off the TV, he is saying, pick up a paper, see for yourself what you can do to help your country and help your fellow man. What you are seeing on the TV is half-truths, what you read in the paper is half-truths. What Dave is trying to ask us is this; are we going to become one of those countries where we are not allowed to say what we want to say, wear what we want to wear, listen to what we want? Like communist Russian before the wall came down? So for all you kids that think the war is a good idea, you will probably come home dead. Know what you are talking about first. Politians lie and make false promises.  And the most dangerous by far is GWB, he is making us all slaves and targets for war.


You’re Dead

I love Dave Mustaine. I love how he puts into such succinct words just how he enjoys having his revenge on those who have hurt him. It keeps that revolving scar inside of him alive. Since no other journalist has the balls to say it, this is dedicated to James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich and the rest of Metallica for all the wrongs done to him. He is just waiting for all you fuckers to die so he can have his sweet revenge.


Burnt Ice

This song could be about anybody. And I know I probably repeat myself here from time to time, but everyone is born with some sort of creative psychic ability. If you look at most musicians, actors, etc you will see them using drugs to bring out that creativity. But they don’t need that if they just listen to their inner voice, yet they walk around with their addictions taking them further and further away from the creativity they wanted to bring closer. Dave really seems to be more in tune with himself than ever and he sees that if you let the drugs and addiction get out of control (and it always inevitably does) you will end up with nothing on the streets with a tin can panhandling, anything to make a buck to feed the addiction, feed their creativity left long ago. But if you just return to your inner voice you can get back on track. Throw away your addictions and just get back to work. Don’t you want to see your kids grow up? You have to have faith in your inner feelings that may come from the gut, the heart; but most importantly, whatever you do, put those skeletons back in the closet and get on with your life.


Musicincider’s thoughts on the latest band line-up:

Dave has finally found a band that listens to him and vibes with him – they love Megadeth and want to stay put.

First, we have the talented Shawn Drover on drums; when you hear him play those beats you get a combo of Dave Grohl, Keith Moon and Charlie Watts. That kid knows what to do with a drumset – clearly he was born with silver drumsticks.

When we listen to James Lamenzo pound it out on bass, he reminds me of the amazing Kris Novoselic and the late Cliff Burton.

Now, Glen Drover, when he plays his precisely controlled guitar solos it reminds me of the Hoffman brothers from Deicide.

Finally, we look at Dave Mustaine. Nobody, but nobody beats Dave. With all the shit he’s been through, hell and back, that man still knows how to play explosive lead rhythm guitar. Together this newest incarnation of Megadeth creates an exquisite metal symphony. My opinion, and I am not saying this just as a massive fan of Megadeth, this is the most energetic release from them in ten years. If you ask me how it rates between 1-10, I would give it a 20.

Roadrunner has brought the greatest metal band ever to their label. Hold on to Dave if you can, Roadrunner; give him his creative freedom and make him happy and you’ve got him for life. Anger him and he will split for another label. So everyone at Roadrunner, please, make Megadeth happy and give them anything they want, for my sake. This album proves you’ve done a fine job with them so far.

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