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Ok. I REALLY loved this guy live. Michael completely ruled and brought extremely high energy to the table as a front man. But, Mnemic shifted gears and a guy named Tony fronts the band now, and I am sure he is brilliant. -Still, Michael my love…wherever you are and whatever you do, MusicIncider is thinking of you. -This interview was done live at the historic Masquerade in Atlanta, GA.

MI: What is your birthday?

Michael: October 24.

MI: Describe your music.

Michael: It’s Metal with a futuristic edge. We focus a lot on being tight and playing well. It’s extreme but has a nice melodic chorus. It can be anything from Death Thrash to Heavy Metal.

MI: Who designed the album cover?

Michael: Our drummer came up with the idea and our guitar player designed it.

MI: How did the band get together?

Michael: The two guitarists and the drummer grew up in the same town. We wanted to do something new so we did a demo and got signed.

MI: Who are the band members and what do they play?

Michael: I’m the singer, Mircea on guitar, Rune on guitar, Brian on the drums, and Tomas on the bass.

MI: Do you have any videos planned for this CD?

Michael: Yes, we’ve already done two actually. The first one already premiered and the second one isn’t ready yet.

MI: What is the average day for you when you’re not on the road?

Michael: I’m the only one in the band that actually has a day job. It’s pretty bizarre but I decorate coffins. I do the flowers for the dead people.

MI: Tell us about your musical history.

Michael: I was a drummer before in a cover band. We figured out pretty fast that we weren’t going anywhere. Now I’m hooked to the whole metal thing and a friend of mine came to me that already had a band and asked me if I was interested in singing and one thing led to another.

MI: Do you still play the drums?

Michael: Occasionally, but I’m so off.

MI: What are your goals as a musician?

Michael: I want to make a living.

MI: If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring 3 other people who would they be?

Michael: My girlfriend and my family.

MI: Who inspires your lyrics?

Michael: My job does a lot of the time. It comes from everyday life and other people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be their story but they can trigger it.

MI: How did the death of Dimebag Darrell affect the band?

Michael: It didn’t really have an affect on the band but we were amazed and shocked that this can happen. I don’t think it really got to me yet because it’s beyond what I can imagine.

MI: Who do you think is the biggest Metal star of all time?

Michael: James Hettefield. He may not be the best guitar player in Metal but he has such an attitude. I love the fact that he wears shit and goes hunting and doesn’t give a fuck. He has so many millions of dollars and he just goes out looking like shit and doesn’t give a fuck.

MI: If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Michael: Jimi Hendrix.

MI: Have you ever inhaled?

Michael: Yes I have.

MI: What do you think about the legalization of marijuana?

Michael: On the medical level, hell yes. Legalizing it to anybody, I don’t know.

MI: Do you believe in psychics?

Michael: I don’t.

MI: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Michael: No.

MI: Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Michael: No.

MI: If you did believe in reincarnation who would you like to come back as?

Michael: I would come back as Pamela Anderson’s bra.

MI: Where do you see the band 5 years from now?

Michael: Hopefully making a living.

MI: What do you want people to know about you?

Michael: I want them to know that even though we’re deep into the Metal scene we are still nice guys. We are all deep thinkers and we don’t do things that will hurt other people. I don’t believe in hating someone just for the way they look.

MI: Tell us a joke.

Michael: Justin Timberlake is a joke.

MI: Do you have a message for your fans?

Michael: Thank you all that already bought the album. Check the shit out and give it a good listen.

MI: What was your worst job ever?

Michael: Wanking off pigs.

MI: What is your favorite quote?

Michael: Better to have a queen at home than a whore on the road.

MI: What is the band’s website address?



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