Mortiis: The Grudge


Mortiis-vocals, synth, programming, sound design. Levi Gawron-guitar. Asmund Sveinunggard-guitar. Leo Troy-drums.

Norway’s answer to Marilyn Manson is Mortiis. He wears a mask, I think-or is a really some sort of underground creature from Oslo? He has added a band to his heavy black metal/industrial sound on this cd, and I like that. He used to play bass in Emperor, so he understands how fucking bands work. On The Grudge, it is a smart evolution because the band needs to tour to support this. -I like him-he is pissed of and gets even, several of those fucking songs on that CD are FOR somebody. Mortiis is a November 10 Scorpio, and Scorpios know all about revenge, intensity, death, retribution, and the dark side. -When Mortiis was only 18, he started his own label-Dark Dungeon. He puts out DARK music so hell, it fit. Don’t ever tell a Scorpio what to do-they will go start their own fucking thing and do it better than you EVER could have. -Earache had the good sense to sign Mortiis and released The Stargate. Sara Jezebel Deva, from CRADLE OF FILTH, does some vocals on The Stargate. I caught Sara Jezebel live with CoF at OZZFEST 2003 and she could be a fucking opera singer. -Mortiis has a fucking HUGE underground cult following. He’s underground. He has a voice that reminds me of Tom Araya from Slayer. He is pissed off. He is heavy. He has some sort of mask on that looks pretty fucking natural. The music has a dark charisma to it and that was enough for me. -What does Mortiis sound like? The sound will remind you of Manson, Rob Zombie, and Christian Death and NIN-if you are into those guys, you are going to be into fucking Mortiis. -The lyrics are poetry. The vocal range on Mortiis is outrageously good. -The guitar players on the CD have a pissed out attitude and have a great playing style, it feeds the emotional intensity on the CD. -The drummer, Leo Troy, keeps it heavy. I love a real drummer. Yeah, Mortiis could have got a drum machine-but drum machines don’t feel anything at all. -The CD is a massive pissed off piece of poetry that slams itself into your face. The Grudge is going to be the Mortiis breakout album in the Unites States. It is going to to the same thing for Mortiis that Smells Like Children did for Marilyn Manson. Go get it. You will fucking love it. -Mortiis is going to be in the States soon, so be sure to check them out when they come to a town near you. Let’s break down those fucking tracks!

Track Listing:

Broken Skin -Who crucified him? When a musician sings about being crucified, it is either a record label or the media. -See, the Scorpio wants to leave those sores OPEN because it is vendetta time.

Way Too Wicked -This one gets even better, somebody has sucked out his soul. Somebody built him up and tore him down. -I know lots of people that suck the heart and soul out of creative people.

The Grudge -This song is almost like a Sicilian vendetta. Scorpios NEVER forget, and don’t EVER betray them. I really like this song, I think I am going to light a candle and curse people while I play it n the background.

Decadent & Desperate -This song is about somebody paying a crack whore to shoot them up in a dive fucking hotel. It is pretty straight fucking forward, Mortiis is telling somebody that he knows their little dirty secret.

The Worst In Me -Fuck man, I could relate to this one. People fucking pull you into shit to help them and then they fuck you over and it fucks you up. -This happens to me about three times a week. -Look at the lyric. I MAKE YOU STRONGER/YOU MAKE ME WEAKER.

Gibber -This song is going to make you think of Ministry. -It is another song about how fucked up religion is. The Church preaches love and tolerance on one hand, and condemns your ass with the other. -I like fucked up religion songs-Personal Jesus was fucking great and so is this.

Twist The Knife -Jesus Christ, I wish Mortiis would just give us a list. -Who can’t relate to this one? This one is the use me up and kill me song.

The Loneliest Thing -Throwing away your God because he doesn’t talk. -Scorpios love the fucking Occult and dark spirituality. -Whoever this song is about thought that they could buy their way to heaven.

Le Petit Conchon Sordide -The Devil? You breake your back and spill your blood, and they toss your ass out with the garbage when they are done. -I don’t know how to speak French, so I can’t translate this ‘Le Petit Conchon Sordide.’

Asthma -This is an instrumental. If you don’t have Asthma, listen to this one. Maybe you might find out what it feels like.


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