OhGr: SunnyPsyOp

OhGr is: Nivek Ogre (vocals), and Mark Walk.

I remember Skinny Puppy, but all great things like Skinny Puppy either change, burn out, or FUCKING EXPLODE. I can’t tell you EXACTLY what happened to Skinny Puppy, but I can tell you what happened to Nivek Ogre. You may remember Ogre as being the growling, snarly front man for Skinny Puppy-or you may remember him co starring with Troy McClure on the Simpsons in such films as Beef is Good, and Don’t Run Over Your Toothbrush With Your Car (just kidding, we all know Ogre would have made a loop of Troy’s voice and made a song out of it. So no, there really wasn’t a guest spot on The Simpsons. Guest spots on The Simpsons are reserved for those major corporations-you know, corporations like The Rolling Stones, Inc.). –So back to Ogre. Somebody shot the Skinny Puppy, or overfed it and it went to sleep-who knows, dogs can be awfully fucking strange. While Skinny Puppy was on its last legs, Nivek Ogre was starting up a little side project named after himself of course-OhGr. I think he spelled it phonetically for the large number of two-fisted drinkers out there that need extra help at a concert. Of course, you could make the argument that he was trying to be fucking cool-you know those electronic boys are famous for being cool in different ways. Look at just plain Klayton, Trent, and Sascha if you need some proof. But Ogre IS from Canada and probably has a great deal of respect for somebody that can hold two beers and still dance to his music.
So Ogre was working on Welt and trying to put it out with the mighty Rick Rubin over at American. OF COURSE, legal troubles prevented Welt from seeing the light of day with Rick. I have nothing but respect for the music Rubin has put out over the years. Danzig I through IV are fucking brilliant. The Audioslave cd is amazing. Johnny Cash went through a fucking renaissance with Rubin, and I totally adore Man Made God-but the music business is a dirty business. It is a business first at the label level and god only knows how Ogre wound up on Spitfire. I wonder what would happen if the music business didn’t have to be so fucking cut throat. No fucking judgment from me, business is business and it isn’t always pretty. So back to Ogre (sorry, I had to tell the fucking story-it is just SO fucking dramatic. I missed my soap opera today.). Welt came out, finally, on Spitfire in 2001. The follow up to Welt is SunnyPsyOp (2003, Spitfire).
SunnyPsyOp is very polished and radio friendly. I have to admit that I was expecting the bite and growl of Skinny Puppy out of Ogre. The cd definitely sounds a little too ‘sunny.’ I just had to remember that somebody overfed the Skinny Puppy. I wanted more darkness-but you don’t always get what you want now do you? Mark Walk was with Pigface, and Ogre was with Skinny Puppy-fuck maybe they just wanted a different type of fucking sound. Maybe they sound differently live-who knows? You have to remember that music is a business. So setting aside MY expectations of what this cd should be-let’s evaluate it for what it is. It is poppy. It is electronic. You might hear it in a yuppie dance club. The vocals are constrained, like somebody has put a big fucking choker chain on Ogre. Listen to him on the cd, I can just feel that voice waiting to rise up and take charge. On HiLo, it sounds like somebody has slipped fucking paxil into his coffee. SunnyPsyOp reaches for that Industrial Rock sound-but never quite gets there. It is filled with cool computer effects, but it leaves me wondering how the fuck Ogre is ever going to pull any of it off live. –I would have been happier with SunnyPsyOp if we would have had some tempo changes. I would have been happier if Ogre expressed more passion in his voice.
I just haven’t caught the moment on this cd at all-the main man on it sounds fucking bored. Bored with his work. If he sounds bored, trust me I am bored. –Ogre has legions of underground fans. They all love him and review his work CONSTANTLY. Their reviews of this cd were mixed when I read them over, and the funny this about it is that they were all waiting for it like it was Christmas-then they were mighty fucking disappointed. What the hell happened?
Oh I know I am going to piss some people off with this, but I have to tell the truth about what I think. Maybe it will fucking grow on me. Who knows, but this is the deal. If you get this thinking it is going to be as good as Welt, you are going to be disappointed. What intensity level there is with this cd feels FORCED. At best, this bores me because it sounds like the people putting it together were bored. What pisses me off about it is this-it is fucking electronic music. It could have been PROGRAMMED to be more fucking interesting. Ogre’s voice could have been electronically manipulated to be better, simply better. It isn’t like they fucked up a live take.

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