The Second Coming of Opeth
Koch Records

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Mikael Akerfeldt (vocals/guitar)
Peter Lindgren (guitars)
Martin Lopez (drums)
Martin Mendez (bass)

Damnation is the answer to Opeth’s Deliverance. The fury and edge of
Deliverance is gone. Damnation is poetry for a soul riddled with grief and pain.
Akerfeldt has an incredible fucking range with his vocals. Frankenstein sings
from his own wounded soul while holding the shattered pieces of his heat in
his hands like a jigsaw puzzle. He wonders how to put the broken puzzle back
together again. Peter Lindgren shows us that he is growing into his own style
of guitar playing on this album-he still keeps a little Randy Rhoades in the
background. Martin Lopez is the ultimate death march drummer as always. Lopez
is Frankenstein’s beating heart. Martin Mendez’s bass playing is
the blood pulsing through Frankenstein’s veins into his brain.
This cd is yet another collection of modern death epic poetry set to music done
with style and grace.

WINDOWPANE- This song is depression. The Windowpane is the soul in this song.
Nobody can see him. He has shut the window so nobody can hear him scream as
he is dying. You can feel the band crying with him.

IN MY TIME OF NEED- This song is suicide. But here is a question for you kiddies;
is it a physical or a spiritual suicide? He has tried everything to save himself.
It is a bitch-that battle between life and death. He is crying for help, and
no one is listening. He is deciding whether he should learn to fly. Why isn’t
anyone listening to his cries for help?

DEATH WHISPERED A LULLABY- You are dead. You don’t know where you are.
You are lost in the forest of darkness. I can see the angel Gabriel telling
this soul to let go. It will be okay. You are in a better place. You may not
know where you are now, but I will guide you to the land of peace. You must
rest before you are reincarnated.

CLOSURE-This is about the decomposing of the body and the mind. The flesh is
being eaten away. He does not remember he has committed suicide. His mind is
a blank. He is trying to remember the life that he has left behind. Imagine
going to your parents’ house spiritually dead. Imagine going to haunt
your loved ones. You are a traitor to them-you left them. You no longer exist,
yet you hunger for that existence to happen. There is no road left to travel
but the road of darkness.

HOPE LEAVES- This is a song about losing a loved one and wishing they would
come back. They don’t come back, and you walk the paths looking for that
loved one. This is a song about a murder victim and their loved one. Our hero
in this song is looking for answers. Why did this happen to us? Our hero wants
to know why the loved one won’t let him join the loved one in death. Life
is worth living. That is the answer.-The loved one will be with him spiritually
once he accepts the death. The song encourages our hero to do what he has to
do to carry on.

TO RID THE DISEASE- Very, Very sad. Our hero is deciding whether not to take
his loved off of life support. There is a DNR order and he is battling to keep
his lover alive. He is having an argument with his loved one, who is in a coma,
about the decisions she has made with her life and how she just wants to go
on and let the pain stop. She pleads with him to let her go. He is in denial
of this massive mess they are in – his question to her is would you tell your
maker what to do as you are telling to me to do with you- the one person,- the
one soul,- the one mind that understands me ! So how can I let you go? If you
have decided to let go I am not the one who is going to pull the plug. Wake
up and do it yourself because I am not ready to let you go now or ever. So why
not let yourself code out and die on your own? I am not going to be the one
carrying around the guilt that I was the one that turned the light outs on us.

WEAKNESS- What can you say about weakness when you are looking at your lover
in a casket? What can you say when you are wondering if they are okay as you
fall apart- and wonder what you are supposed to do now. You wonder if you should
join them or not, while your mind is in a haze about the loosing the love of
your life. Everyone in their lives has been through this -whether it be through
death or a broken relationship. This song is about broken relationships through
death. The Hero lies in the bed they shared and wonders every night, if she
caught the right flight to a place known as paradise. He realizes that this
was her decision not his. He sees her shadow everywhere he turns and yearns
to go to be with her, but she is fighting with him to stay to live on for her.

We are waiting for the next installment of Opeth’s story. Yes, buy the
album if you are into the true meaning of what Frankenstein and Companies life
is like. As we all know, we will end up like dust in the wind. Opeth is preparing
us for it.

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