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Over Kill is ANOTHER great band Sharon Osbourne left out of Ozzfest. Maybe it
is time to start DanzigFest 2003, and let metal reincarnate from its ashes. We
all know the corporate world pushed metal into the fucking grave. It is time for
these bands to come back. They should not be left in the closet. The performance
DVD shows the dead will rise again, even though they never died, it is a full
Over Kill concert set. They play all of their standards. It is straight fucking
hardcore metal. You won’t see expensive pyrotechnics like The Big Red Tongue Band
needs. Instead, you will see musicians playing music-what music really is. It
is a fucking refreshing sight. As Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth would say, "New
Jersey is where fuck you was born." The performance takes place in the Paramount
Theatre in Asbury Park New Jersey, you know, the town that Springsteen was going
to bring back? It is bands like Over Kill, who are also from Jersey, that keeps
Jersey’s music scene ALIVE. We cannot leave Glen Danzig, who is also from Jersey,
out of getting credit for Jersey’s ALIVE music scene. The corporate world has
made Jersey Boss Land. Maybe the corporate world should take another look at Jersey
and see what they lost. Over Kill will tell you the truth about the corporate
music machine on the historical extra DVD.

The DVD covers US shows and European shows. It also shows Over Kill from the
beginning to the present day. It sends a message: Over Kill has been busting
their fucking ass for over twenty years, and Europe gives them more respect
than the US does. Isn’t that a fucking shame? Yes, it is.

Over Kill does metal. MTV has abandoned metal for the past ten years. I must
admit, they tried with Headbangers Ball. Too bad they never gave Headbangers
Ball any advertising so people knew when it was on. When you did catch it on,
it was always after midnight. Maybe MTV did not want to show the younger generation
actual music, but instead they would rather fill the youth of America nothing
but bullshit.

Over Kill explains this on the history DVD. They are blunt, and fucking honest.
They talk about how it is better to be underground, rather than hanging with
the big corporate shark machine. Over Kill talks about all of their line up
changes and why they happened, some were personal reasons, and some were professional.
The only two original members left in the band are Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth and
DD Verni, the evilest man alive. Ellsworth and Verni also manage the business
affairs of the band in every form. My accountant is impressed that they know
how to do 1099’s, and wants to know if they need someone to do their taxes.

These two are as savvy as Tyler and Perry of Aerosmith, not just as musicians
but as businessmen also. They learned fast and hard. Not bad for Jersey boys.
We also must praise the other Jersey boy, Mr. Danzig, for being another smart
businessman. The DVD will show you, as we said earlier, Over Kill’s Jersey show.
The second DVD is where Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth and DD Verni, give you the history
of Over Kill, complete with concert clips for the beginning of the band to the
present. Over Kill still sounds like eighteen year old kids on stage, as DD
Verni would say. You will see Over Kill does not look at the crowds as fans,
but as a part of a group of human beings that the art of metal music. We have
the glitter twins, the toxic twins, and now we have The Rush Twins. Anybody

The DVD should be brought. It is a complement to their work over the last twenty
years, and it is also a history lesson in metal and the music industry. We wish
Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth a quick recovery from his minor stroke, also known as
a TIA, and we can’t wait to see him and the band in Atlanta.


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