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Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson: The Guns, God, and Government World Tour DVD

This is from the Eagle Rock Entertainment’s press release regarding the new
Manson DVD: "This will help you see what it’s like to be nailed to his
wrecking ball," says Manson. Hey Marilyn, do you have some sort of delusion

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Over Kill

Over Kill is ANOTHER great band Sharon Osbourne left out of Ozzfest. Maybe it
is time to start DanzigFest 2003, and let metal reincarnate from its ashes. We
all know the corporate world pushed metal into the fucking grave.

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Pissing Razors

Pissing Razors-Live In The Devil’s Triangle

"Hey you fuck, we need a band name."
"-yeah, FUCK YOU!"
"Did you hear Loco has the fucking clap? He says its like pissing fucking
"Pissing Razors?"
"That’s it! Pissing Razors."

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Alice Cooper


This is a fucking true story about how I learned about Alice Cooper. Everyone has some kind of evil sibling; mine was my oldest brother Charlie. He loved Cooper as a teenager. One day I was eight, my friend Raymond came over and we cut up all my brother’s monopoly money.


Ray Muns

I had the chance to speak with Ray Munns, the ex MTV VJ. Ray took time to
speak to us from sin city-Vegas. It isn’t only discs that spin with Ray.
His whole world spins.



What can you say about four guys that range from Yonkers to Boston that
call themselves Aerosmith? They are considered the American version of the
Rolling Stones, and no insult to the Stones, but they can’t touch Tyler and

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Tom Petty

Tom Petty said this in an interview, “Nothing historically significant has happened in Rock and Roll since 1974. Nirvana was interesting. I am interested in guitars, and music. I tried to get one of my videos on VH1, and it was turned down because it wasn’t a concept video.”

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What can you say about a man that has been kept in the dark too long, but deserves massive amounts of love, respect, and adoration for his contributions to the music world? He is one talented motherfucker.



The Masquerade- Atlanta, GA – Opeth
May 12th 2003

On a Monday night, the Masquerade in Atlanta was packed. Yes, on a Monday. The
moon was full and there was a slight chill in the air-chilly outside. Inside
the club it felt like 102 degrees. The house was packed no breathing space at
all. All for one reason –OPETH. If you drop the ‘t’ off of
OPETH, it means city of the moon. A whole fucking city was jammed into the Masquerade
to see the melodic death metal giants off of Koch Entertainment. How could a
whole city inside of the Masquerade be wrong?
We got to the Masquerade around nine o’clock. Yakatsu was great. We loved
them. Lacuna Coil was different, and they are going places-but nobody from Atlanta
was there for Yakatsu or Lacuna Coil. All we heard were the chants for OPETH.
The fans came to see their gods. I like to call then Frankenstein and Company.
We found out why OPETH fans waited in a sweatbox for hours. OPETH has a down
to earth stage presence that connects with the heart and soul of their fans.
Any fucking idiot could have seen it when OPETH hit the stage. Frankenstein
and Company hypnotized the fans immediately. This turned out to be a very good
thing. I never saw a band so adored and loved. The crowd sang every lyric to
every song they played. Frankenstein and Company also took requests from the
fans and they did not let them down. Some people covering the band complained
about fucking mosh pits. How could there be mosh pits when these fans were under
the spell till the end of show? At MusicIncider we stay until the end of the
show. OPETH covered every song from their first album to their latest, Damnation.
We can’t forget the four encores or the fact that they played until two
I call Mikael Akerfeldt Frankenstein, because I am a psychic and that is how
I see him. All Frankenstein every wanted was for people to relate to him through
his pain and to see how he was human. The fans of OPETH want the same thing.
OPETH’s lyrics and music reach straight though to the soul and grab it
by the throat and make you feel understood. You could see it with every song
they played. The kid in back of me (while I was in the photography pit) grabbed
his heart and sang along with every word. That is a true meaning of being in
concert and a reason for going to see someone live.-OPETH also announced they
would be back on tour in July for their new release, Damnation. The fans were
just happy to know that Opeth would be back in Atlanta. Those fans remembered
when Opeth first played Atlanta and the Masquerade-you could just tell by the
sheer love and adoration they were giving the band. Frankenstein told his followers
they were happy to be back, and remembered the first time they gigged at the
Masquerade. He thanked the fans for an amazing evening. Atlanta doesn’t
remember everyone like that. Everyone doesn’t remember Atlanta like that.
When OPETH comes back to Atlanta, that is reason enough to go to the show.
The Masquerade is an amazing place, but an OPETH show in Atlanta needs more
room-not for the band, but for the fans. I feel they need to play bigger venues.
I would love to see them play the Garden in New York, or Turner Field in Atlanta.
OPETH is ready to play big arena shows. This is a band I would not miss for
a second. They are true gentlemen on stage, and yet they are monsters born to
rock. They adore their followers. I have not seen the Masquerade ever that packed,
except for one other time and that’s when Andrew W.K played there. -Exactly
at 11:00 PM OPETH’s fans started chanting for them till they got on stage.
They played till 2:00 AM. That’s including four encores for their fans.

I can’t stress it enough. You want to see OPETH live-ANYWHERE. They have
great albums, but to see them LIVE is an experience not to be missed. Fucking
fly to anyplace you can get a ticket. I’ll bet you can find one thousand
people in Atlanta that agree with me.

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