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Patti Scialfa – 23rd Street Lullaby

Rikki O. and Barbara Fara


Patti Scialfa will sadly always be known more for the musical icon to whom she is married than for any of her own solo efforts. A member of the E Street Band since 1984, Patti has lived in the shadow of her husband Bruce Springsteen’s fame but has never stopped being an amazing singer/songwriter/guitarist in her own right. She has often been critiqued harshly for the role she played as confidante in Bruce’s life as his first marriage was dissolving. She and Bruce gave birth to their first child the same year that his divorce was finalized.


Her voice, also, proves to be a very polarizing thing for listeners; people either love her unique style of singing or they absolutely HATE it. The truth is, she has an incredibly wide vocal range and an unusual tone that is wholly needed in today’s cookie-cutter sound; songstresses today don’t even have to be able to sing – as long as she looks hot on TV, everything else can be fixed in post-production.


23rd Street Lullaby is the sophomore release from Patti as a solo artist. Steve Jordan co-produced the record and she was backed by the best of the best studio musicians, including Bruce himself on three tracks. Released in ’04, Lullaby is a look back at her early years as a struggling musician in NYC – all the dreams and aspirations you have at that age and how they ultimately play out in your life as you get older. The picture she paints of being young and living in Chelsea back in the 80’s is an intense peek into just how a time and place can impact a person’s life forever.


She explores themes of finding oneself amidst a sea of people, choosing who you are and who you want to be, and of course, how to let yourself be close to someone and overcome the fear of being hurt in exchange for love. Her songwriting does not disappoint; from ‘Romeo’ – “don’t know if he knows about you, darlin’/ I don’t even care/ sometimes he pretends to reach for me/ and I pretend I’m there.” In the song “City Boys” she asks brilliantly – ‘Can you make a woman/ out of an alley cat?’


In 2007, Patti released………………….[Rikki O. just had the computer taken away from her…]



Editor’s Note: We interrupt Rikki’s sweet, insightful review for a special review of Patti’s new cd, Play It Like It Lays:


I, Barbara Ann Fara, am of sound mind and body…I had my new writer Rikki O. do the last cd as I was working on …let’s just say, someone way more talented. Now, I know my staff writer loves Patti. She thinks she is talented. She thinks she has this musical charm about her. Now, Ms. Scalfia, I’m not calling you Mrs. Springsteen since you use your maiden name for your solo career. You are not Bonnie Raitt, you can’t raise a finger to Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mack fame, you are not even Joan Osborne. I really don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I must; both of these albums, in my opinion, are nothing but a piece of shit. Patti, I would really suggest that you stop saying that you write your own music when we all know Bruce wrote most of it. You know Bruce? –  the man you stole from Julianne Phillips!! This is pathetic. I would stay home, raise my kids, and hope do not pass on ANY of your musical “talent” to them. We don’t want those children growing up tone deaf like you. Hope they got the Springsteen gene and not the Scalfia gene. So, in my opinion, I think you should find another sugar daddy, but we know you won’t; so therefore you suck. The album is not worth buying or listening to, it’s not worth putting up on my website – but I will out of respect for your backdoor man, aka Mr. Springsteen. I hear your voice and I want to puke. Example; Patti, I dreamt of your horrible voice last night, I woke up and puked this morning. Wow, seriously, no other artist has weighed so hard on my stomach that I had to wake up and look for a Pepcid. Maybe you can find a nice little job in Asbury Park on a street corner somewhere. Are you getting the hint? You suck. How would I rate both albums from 1-10? A big fucking zero. You are an untalented piece of shit. Not worthy to record or listen to. This is bad when I wake up and puke from listening to Patti haunt my dreams all night. Be a good girl, and use your husband’s credit card, and buy yourself some singing lessons. If anyone is reading this review, this is the second evilest note ever written on this site, dear Patti. Stick with the E-Street band, don’t try any of this on your own. You must embarrass your kids when they go to school and they are raving about mommy’s new music and all their little friends go home, buy the cd, and to your kid’s faces they rave – but, behind your kids backs they are puking in the bathroom the next morning. It’s time to retire. “I am looking for Elvis down this Memphis road” so you are looking for a new sugar daddy? Elvis is dead! As dead as your voice. Do the world a favor, do not record ever again. Because vocally and musically, if I had a switchblade, I would have cut my wrist by now. Keep your mouth away from a studio, keep it away from a mike, pencil, paper, guitar; any tool that you use to make your music. Big fat fucking zero.


PS Patti? I know Bruce is coming back to Atlanta on 4/25/08 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. Do me a favor: stay the fuck home. This way I won’t puke at the concert just knowing that your horrid voice will be there.





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