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Puddle of Mudd – Famous


By Barbara Fara

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Wesley Reid Scantlin (guitar/vocals)
Douglas John Ardito (bass/vocals)
Christian Stone (guitar/vocals)
Ryan Yerdon (drums)


  1. Famous – I think it’s eerie that Wes looks like an Allman, and I’m not talking about Duane; he looks like Gregg. I find this curious. Famous is a great song and I think it should have been the first single release. It shows the reality of someone who will try to stop you from your dreams and the willpower you can muster to overcome your obstacles. They want to be bad ass, and they want what they deserve. Between Wes and the rest of the band, this is very well mixed and a symphonic beautiful track.
  2. Livin’ on Borrowed Time – This has nothing to do with the band. It could be someone you know that is depressed and life is not going well. You walk in and find the note, and you try to talk them out of it, but in the end the friend does it anyway. This is like the two friends fighting about whether the friend should kill himself. But whether the friend dies at 19 or 87, he is still going to die. That’s life, deal with it.
  3. It Was Faith – This is a beautiful wedding reception song. Not your usual Frank Sinatra or your Tony Bennett or Dean Martin. The band comes straight to the point about those who have loved them and supported them and pushed them all the way. When you look at the song, it’s really more of a love/thank you song for those that stuck with them.
  4. Psycho – Psycho is funny, it’s cute, and it’s adorable. It does take you back to a time when kids would watch Freddy Kruger, Jason, Halloween…here you have four kids going on a road trip and they end up at the Bates house from Psycho. This is a good trip down memory lane. I’m just shocked they didn’t bring in the Blair Witch Project. You can take the song in two ways. You can take it like you are really going fucking nuts, or take it as a tribute to horror past.
  5. We Don’t Have To Look Back Now – Dedicated to Team Pussycat. And she knows who she is.
  6. Moonshine – Every person has a past. Everyone has uncertain love. When someone doesn’t understand why a partner is leaving, they deserve answers. Life is a story; life is a moment in time. And here you go, fighting like cats and dogs when you should be remembering why you loved them in the beginning. And for the record, moonshine will only give you ulcers.
  7. Thinking About You – This is the stalker song of the year. If there is any guy or girl who has the fucked up mind to follow someone around, and wishing so hard for someone to come back…this is surely their theme song. You might as well take this song and call the object of your obsession every night and play this song. Either way, there is destined to be a cease and desist order, so you might as well save on gas and use the phone instead. This is the song that does show the predator in the person, much like a wild tiger in the jungle who stalks their desired mate. But in this case, it’s a human reverting to animalistic behavior and stalking their prey.
  8. Merry-Go-Round – This is dedicated to every geek in the world in high school who has the unfortunately plight of having a huge crush on someone who wants nothing to do with them because of their geeky status. What can I say, life is a bitch. No one wants anything to do with them because they just don’t fit it with the status quo and they just stick out like a sore thumb. It’s a shame when people choose their friends for their status symbols – clothes, cars, etc rather than for the person they are inside.
  9. I’m So Sure – What a fucked up relationship! This is true – people get in relationships and stay in them through massive amounts of abuse because they think they are being loved. Once you stick around you start realizing that this is not love at all. Breaking free from such a detrimental relationship and then experiencing the fresh air that reenters your life, all you can say is thank you for getting the fuck out of my life.
  10. Radiate – Here we go again. The couple separates, and one half of the couple is obscuring the reason why they are breaking this person’s heart in so many ways.  All they want are answers. So take your mask off and just tell them the truth about why you are ending, or they will simply walk away forever.
  11. If I Could Love You – Will somebody take one of these boys out on a date? Find them a hooker, find them someone to date! These guys must be dying for a fuck, and yet they still want that honest relationship so they can live happily ever after? Please.


MusicIncider gives this album a ten plus. I do not know why they are not pushing any other singles for this album. Every song on this album has a purpose and deserves to be heard. In 2001 they released their first album titled, “Come Clean” which did go platinum five times over. The only hit off that album in the industry’s eyes was “Blurry”. They have released a few EPs and singles since then. If Flawless/Geffen really did not have faith in this band, they would not have put out this album. This is one album I would purchase and one band I would purchase anything they released. The ghost of Kurt Cobain, who practically put DGC/Geffen on the map, must be watching over this band. I will say it’s flawless, beautiful and straight to the point. It has that good southern rock influences, but it does a great job of presenting it’s rage as well. It shows that four people can collaborate in such a way as to create a masterpiece, and this is the result. Geffen is now churning out a lot of good bands with a lot of good music. When you look at Puddle of Mudd, you are looking at a band that works as a team and does not throw everything on one person. MusicIncider can’t wait for them to hit Atlanta – we would love an interview.


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