Pungent Stench: Ampeauty


Pungent Stench: Martin Schrienc (Don Cochino)-Vocals & Guitar. Alex Wank (Rector Stench) -Drums. Fabio Testi (Reverend Mausna)-Bass.

What the hell can I say about Pungent Stench? Technically, they are fucking excellent. The are going to remind you of Death and Carcass with the extreme aggression and technical perfection in the fucking music. These guys are from Austria, and this is the first CD they have released in eight years. It probably took eight years for they to recover from the last one. -This CD goes to a different level. It will shock you, because the fantasy killing found in death metal isn’t really here-unless you count No Guts, No Glory. What we have here is a death metal album about sex and conspiracy-all the good shit soap operas are made of, but even weirder. -It makes sense that somebody out there would like Lynndie England to boss them around and get kinky as hell. Somebody out there likes to fuck amputees. Right now, somebody is taking a shotgun to their foot because they feel fucking compelled to be an amputee. -Have no fear Brothers and Sisters, the Church of Pungent Stench is singing about your sick asses and telling the world about your cause. There is a band for you and a home in the death growls of Don Cochino. Rector Stench will make your still heart beat again with his drum kit, and Reverend Mausna will make it all sound funky with his bass. Don Cochino will let you know that it is true, the world IS out to get you. -Death Metal takes a long hard look at the shit that scares the hell out of us as a general rule, and if you take a look at the shit that scares you the edge comes off of the scare. Pungent Stench goes one step further, it takes a look at the shit you just don’t normally talk about but makes you fucking curious-look at the amputee songs. It talks about realistic conspiracy-look at Invisible Empire, and it talks about history-look at No Guts, No Glory, Lynndie, and Fear The Grand Inquisitor. -This is some sick shit mixed with musical excellence. It will shock even the most die-hard death metal fan and re-establish Pungent Stench as a force to be reckoned with. Yeah, you sick bastard, this one is definitely for you.

Lynndie (she-wolf of abu ghraib)-I was wondering WHICH Death Metal band was going to get around to doing a song about her. This isn’t a pro-war song, so to speak…but if you want to be dominated by a woman this is your fucking song and maybe your war.

invisible empire-I totally fucking believe there are groups of people the meet to rule the world-pulling the strings and mastering world events. Look up Plan for a New American Century. You would have thought that when George W. got elected, somebody would have pulled it off the net.

the amp hymn-You can learn something new every fucking day. This song will give you the proper name of the fetish for people who fuck amputees. I am not going to give it away, but the Devil should take a look.

the passion of lucifer-And here we have an answer for The Passion of the Christ. Everybody overlooks the sacrifices made by Lucifer. Maybe Mel Gibson has another movie here when he starts smoking again. -If you didn’t know evil, how would you know what good is? -The song isn’t condemning Christ, it is condemning religion.

got milf?-Anal sex. This one is for the sickest of the sick, some of you will love it. It will probably be some sort of hymn The Church of Pungent Stench puts out in a little leaflet. -What is clever about the fucking thing is the play on words, got milk?

human garbage-This one is written for somebody. We all have somebody we would like to tell this shit to-my own list is about three pages long. It takes balls to write it down, put it in a song, and release it to the world.

Apotemnophiliac-This is an actual psychological disorder in which a person wants to have a perfectly good limb removed for one reason or another. People travel to other fucking countries to get doctors to take off body parts. It is a fucking great idea for a song.

no guts, no glory-Good horror show song. This thing is loosely based on Jack the Ripper with a reference to Cat Stevens in it. Listen to the fucking thing, and it will trash your ass.

same shit-different asshole-Now would you expect this song to be about racism in the world by looking at the fucking title? -In ints own fucked up way, this song puts everybody on a level playing field.

fear the grand inquisitor-Look at this song. I have never seen a Death/Extreme metal song about the Spanish Inquisition, but if you listen to this one you will get a little history lesson.


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