Queensryche: Pamela Moore-Sister Mary. Geoff Tate-Vocals. Michael Wilton-Guitar. Eddie Jackson-Bass. Scott Rockenfield-Drums. Mike Stone-Guitar.

President Geoff Tate and Queensryche landed at the Tabernacle with a two set show. The first set was classic Queensryche, and the second set was Operation Mindcrime. -The whole show was fucking amazing, but Operation Mindcrime performed live right before a fucking election was amazing. So let’s do a quick little background on Operation Mindcrime. -Operation Mindcrime was released in 1988, and it is about this kid named Nikki who signs on to be a hitman for the uprising led by a mysterious Dr. X. Nikki meets and falls in love with a prostitute that has been ‘rehabilitated’ by the cause called Sister Mary. Dr. X orders Nikki to put the hit on Sister Mary, and Nikki decides to run with her. Nikki finds her dead with rosary beads wrapped around her neck. -That’s the down and dirty version of Mindcrime, but it isn’t what I got out of watching the show. To me, the Mindcrime set basically told George W. Bush where to shove it. Here we are, going to Iraq and asking young men to die-and what the hell for? Look at the media-we are going to free the Iraqi’s. We are protecting America by freeing the Iraqi’s. We are protecting America by building schools for the Iraqi’s. We are protecting America by shooting Iraqi’s that disagree with us. If you disagree with the war, you don’t want to protect America. You aren’t American. You should be shot or choked (Sister Mary died.) -Isn’t that the basic message handed down by the media and George W.? George W. Bush is the new Mr. X in Operation Mindcrime without the cool leather jackets. We send the Nikki’s of this country off to war- and it will drive them so fucking crazy that they kill themselves, and we want our Mary’s killed. -Operation Mindcrime was written during the Regan/Bush era, and we have another Bush in office, so it is timely that Queensryche is on tour. To me, Operation Mindcrime is a concept that works. The actors really helped the crowd follow the story line, and I have not seen musical theatre that has impressed me so fucking much since the first time I saw The Wall (Pink Floyd). The surround sound, lighting, and costume changes were out of this fucking world. It was more like a night at a show on Broadway than anything else. I loved it because it was elaborate. The music was EXCELLENT. The actors and the visual aids sold me on the fucking story line, and Operation Mindcrime would probably get a hundred bucks a head on Broadway. -But let’s talk about the music. Let’s talk about the mighty Queensryche. I think Queensryche draws on influences like Pink Floyd and and Queen. The sound is metal-but it is extremely artistic and for thinking people. Look at the lead off song for the Mindcrime set; Revolution Calling. I was totally swept away by Geoff Tate’s stage performance. He reminded me, a little, of the incredible Freddie Mercury. He has a flawless voice and a huge range, and I believe him when he opens his mouth. There is this unbelievable and amazing gut wrenching quality to his voice. I have always loved Geoff Tate as a singer. -I believe that Queensryche has a place on next years Ozzfest too. Queensryche is as big and as great as Judas Priest and Slayer-so why the fuck not? In this world, being political has a huge place. That’s why I am calling Geoff President Tate. The man has my fucking vote. I mean it. He is good looking, has a hot body, makes sense with his political views, and he can SING. His voice is so clean that it squeaks. -Pamela Moore as Sister Mary was downright spooky. The woman has an amazing vocal range and this haunting fucking look about her. C’mon. Who killed Mary? -Michael Wilton on guitar is just fucking incredible. He has this Carlos Santana vibe working on stage. His guitar sounds like it is singing. His costume in the Mindcrime set was as cool as shit. He had skulls all over his guitar and a shirt to match. -Scott Rockenfield is an amazing drummer. I think he is WAY underrated and deserves a lot more attention. When I see Scott Rockenfield on the drums, I think of Phil Rudd, Vinnie Appice, and Tommy Aldridge. -Then there is the new guy, Mike Stone on guitar. Mike has all the potential to be the next Eddie Van Halen. I like his hard edge style AND the fact that he was the masked man in the Mindcrime set. -Last but not least we have my cowboy on the bass-Eddie Jackson. I really like this guy on stage. Think Glenn Hughes. Think Marco Mendoza with a twist of Tim McGraw. He is laid back and intense at the same time. You’re gonna like him a lot.
The classic Queensryche set would have been enough for me. I thought is was funny that Geoff Tate introduced the band as the .08’s and thanked Queensryche for allowing them to open. -It was incredible, because it showcased the evolution of the band. We heard songs from the early days of Queensryche when you could definitely hear the influences of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. I am asking-can you remember Queen of the Reich? Oh I can. Fucking Incredible isn’t it? -The set hit the highlights through the years and rewarded all of the diehard fans. The band took a short break and set up for MINDCRIME and PERFORMED THE WHOLE THING LIVE. Should we even discuss MORE than worth the price of a ticket? -Without Queensryche, there would be no progressive American metal scene. Queensryche has paved the way for the fantasy that we hear out of bands like Vision Divine and Cannibal Corpse. But Queensryche has wove that fantasy into something entirely relevant in this day and age. Queensryche has a place in my heart because of the bands FEARLESSNESS in expression, the OUTSTANDING stage performance, and the FLAWLESS musicians. Buy a ticket kids. Run. Operation Mindcrime II will be coming out soon and you will find out the answers to a lot of questions.


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