Rockstar: Supernova Week 2


Week 2 – Recap

Chris, Phil, and Matt drop to the bottom three with poor song choices and poor vocal performances. Chris is fucked by an impossibly difficult song choice and comes off weak, Phil bugged me out with his onstage twitching tantrums and odd bubbly-twist on vocals, and Matt fails to have passion behind his lyrics that are occasionally washed out. In the end, Matt is given the boot. Matt’s selections and appearance just don’t have what is needed to make Supernova badass.

Week 2 – Part 1

According to the introduction, Dilana and Lukas rocked the house. Bullshit. I didn’t feel too much out of their performances. Dilana’s performance was a fuckin’ joke to me. There was too much craziness. Now we’re back at the mansion and the truth is setting in. The truth really hits hard with Magni as a friend goes home. Dilana is stressin’ and about to crack. More drama ensues. Haha, Lukas talking shit is a trip to me and he’s a little too confident in himself. Later that day everyone is welcomed to brand new guitars – Gibson guitars at that! Also, some time afterwards, Magni plays a solo goodbye to Matt. This shows great character for Magni.

Week 2 – Part 2

Dana beautifully skips to the main room to find new song selections. A definitive hostile atmosphere hangs thick in the air like a bad cigar. Dilana grabs “Ring of Fire” for her encore performance. She’s initially confident and content, but then she feels the pressure and bugs out over her choice. Zayra also makes a shitty choice and she quickly doubts her selection. However, she makes a compromise with Jill for song selection to an easier choice for herself. Jill is sittin’ there, “fuck yeah, I’ll place nice, give me that fuckin’ song.”

Week 2 – Part 3

Now it’s time for rehearsal with the House Band at the Rehearsal Studio. The visual tranquility of the Rehearsal Studio is amazing – both inside and out. The House Band is a fuckin’ talented group that is capable of busting out a great variation in tunes. Magni is shown briefly rocking his magic with passion. Next in line we have Zahrya who is trashed by the House Band. Haha, they just want her to get the fuck out of there. Then we transition to Chris with “Take Me Out.” Unfortunately, Chris can’t bust out the right melody to the beat. Afterwards, Dilana comes in and wants to sex up “Ring of Fire.” During recording, I have to admit, it sounds pretty hot. Her thick and soul-full sound entwines smoothly with the instruments.

Week 2 – Performances

Now what we’ve been waiting for.

Chris Just as the House Band advised, Chris can’t really keep with the melody of the song and attempts to add a little AC/DC to it. It doesn’t work for me. Also, I couldn’t hear too much variation between the beginning of the track and when he should’ve picked up the vocals higher.

My gorgeous girl is back with another hot song. The outfit she’s wearing, damnit girl. She has a great performance and hits some amazing highs. She repeats a similar trend of hitting an amazing and throaty high in the middle of her performance. I wish she’d hit more throaty highs like that, it would offer so much more passion to her vocals. This girl has some heavy potential, she just needs to experiment and find it.

This shit sounded hot in rehearsal, let’s see what happens. Hmm… Interesting. She wants to audience to interact with her, kudo points. Her outfit is fuckin’ wierd, though. Holy sweet Jesus… That tounge… umm… Shouldn’t that be censored?! Hahaha. Great job, girl. I liked this variation.

Mmm… this is a sexy introduction for this bombshell. Soft and sweet with a touch of spice. Great variation in the vocals when the song picks up. She’s very comfortable and in her zone in this performance. She dares to push herself further and pulls it off beautifully.

Umm… the hell? This shit is scaring me. Her vocals are fuckin’ amazing but this outfit is too distracting and overwhelming. She over emphasizes her performance a bit too much. Holy fuck, that jumping has officially bugged me out. I need a fuckin’ break.

Josh’s video doesn’t show up online this week. Grr.

The shit talker, let’s see if he can back it up. Hmm… I’m impressed, get it boy. Great variation in the vocals. However, it still seems heavily strained in his throat. Overall, not too bad, but not earth shaking.

Magni comes out with his magic. Smooth lyrics with great fuckin’ throaty and scratchy highs are abundant in this performance as he rips the audience from their seats. He seems very comfortable and confident on stage.

Nirvana again! Woot! Don’t fuck it up, well, she fucked it up from the beginning. I’m not feeling anything powerful out of this. She’s an attractive young lady, but there’s something in her eyes that makes you want to run.

Ouch, he fucks it up from the beginning. Instead of holding a steady note, he purposely shakes it. No good. He uses this style a little too much and it is overwhelming. Eventually his vocals are almost drowned out and it seems like he has trouble reaching a higher pitch.

Ryan starts strong with his song with great scratchy and throaty vocals. He has fun with his performance and takes a walk through the audience. That shit put a grin on my face. Haha, the audience doesn’t seem to be getting into it too much.

Hmm… This outfit is odd. Damn, her eyes are amazing. The way she’s moving around the stage is a little ridiculous, though. Her performance is unusual and distracting. Storm needs a better song selection to adequately demonstrate her vocal talents.

Oh hell yeah, intro with scratchy vocals. He puts out some strong vocal variation and passion later in his performance. Great job. Nothin’ to complain about or criticize.

Mmm… The House Bands rocks their shit in with skill. What in the fuck is this shit with Zayra’s hands? Her voice is completely washed out and this whining, crying shit is annoying me. Almost makes me think I’m listening to a porn video at times. The godamn kiss… GRR fuck… Annoying.


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