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What is your birthdate? April 20th. Lots of fucked up things have happened in history on that day.

Describe the music of Buttonhook to me. We are a very straightforward rock band that mixes catchy hooks, mad ass wah-wah with intense vocals and lyrics that have meaning. A lot of times the lyrics give the listener a chance to take something different than what another listener may have taken from them. I like lyrics that provoke thought.

Who are your influences as a vocalist? Axl Rose, Mike Patton, Donnie Vie, Robin Zander, Rob Halford. The Beatles, Freddie Mercury. And the list could go on. Sad to say but singers now don’t seem to be influential material worthy.

Tell me what you want people to know about you. Despite the rumors I am not an asshole. I’m just driven and know what I want. One day I think I will write a story of my life, that would damn sure make a good read.

Tell me the story about how you got together with Buttonhook. Well I had been trying for some time to put a band together. After a frustrating audition process. I was about to say fuck it, until I met Mike Gaudreau (guitarist) through a mutual friend. Mike had just departed from the band Neurotica. He and I got together and it just clicked. You can tell when you start writing and the other person totally knows where you are coming from. Saves a lot of time not having to explain every little detail in a song. We knew it was going to work because musically we are on the same page. We may not like the same bands or even the same styles of RAWK but when we bring it to the table it’s a buffet of straight forward intense tunes.

Tell me something you think we should know about each one of your bandmates and tell us what each one plays. Mike is really a mad man on the wah-wah, He just knows how to make you feel what he is pouring out on the guitar. His gives 100% in what he commits to. Rich Benavides stepped in and took the position as bass player and owned it. Drummy McTomtom is our invisible drummer boy. He is always hard to find. Actually we are auditioning for one. Know any good ones that can tour their asses off? And dedicate 100% no questions asked? Guido don’t like people poking around asking to much.

Who in the world would you like Buttonhook to open for the most? Geri Halliwell so I could sit and stare at her and maybe commence to pleasuring myself if need be. Or GnR would be good too.

Tell me about your dream record contract and what label it would be with. We are in negotiations with a few labels currently, but my dream contract would be with a label that offers 100% artist’s freedom.

Tell me the story about how you got into music. I have always liked music, so I guess it was a natural step. I used to read magazines or books and would take the name of an article or the chapter in the book or magazine and make up a fake song to the title. I would sing my ass off to the words I was making up. That was a way that I would pass time. I would do it in my front yard as a kid and my audience was a bored pile of ants. They couldn’t complain too much, the admission was free.

Tell me about the most memorable show you have played live so far. There have been a good amount of memorable performances. Each one provides a good and/or bad story. One that I am most grateful for was at a venue in Pennsylvania. Twas a great show and that’s the show we did that just so happened to have Jimmi Bleacher from former Geffen recording artist Salty Dog in the crowd. Buttonhook playing that show introduced us to each other. I had always been a big fan of Salty Dog. Afterwards, the club promoter asked me if I knew who Jimmi was and I was like hell yeah. He said Jimmi was wanting to get in touch with me. So we hooked up, and it turned out he was wanting to produce us. We have been working together since. He will be down in in Atlanta in November while we are in Tree Sound completing our disc.

What is your favorite track off of Buttonhook 101 and why? I’d have to say my favorite is Ignore Them, even though it‘s not off 101. I like the majority of our tunes on so many different levels. I take great pride in the lyrics I write. But with Ignore them I approached that song from two different peoples’ prospectives talking to a certain individual considering joining a cult. The leader in the song is trying to convince this person to join as others on the outside try in vain to stop them. The lyrics are on the band website, feel free to read them and judge for yourself.

Tell me about Jasmin St. Claire and The Blue Meanie, and then tell me how you got them to appear on the album. Wow, Jasmin and the Blue Meanie are two of the coolest peeps you could meet, so down to earth and laid back. They are always busy, doing parts in movies (Communication Breakdown & Swamp Zombies) as well as focusing on their wrestling company (3PW). As far as the cover of our independent release 101 , Jasmin and The Blue Meanie were really just cool enough to believe in us enough to offer to do the cover. Oh and we owe them our first born. They will always be Buttonhook family. Those two are amazing individuals.

Where do you see yourself and the band in five years? Um….. VIP at the Grammys and a few gold plaques. 3rd time on the cover of the Rolling Stone. But no reality show on MTV.

Have you ever inhaled? Not only have I inhaled, but I have exhaled as well.

What are your thoughts on legalizing drugs? Homegrown weed should be illegal, that shit ain’t no good. But seriously, folks, I think there are different levels of drugs, some should be illegal and some shouldn’t. Unfortunately it’s not up to me. Now excuse me while I get back to rollin’ my shit.

Who do you think the five greatest vocalists are of all time-please include yourself…and be sure to tell me what you think is great about them…. Well for starters, I am not vain enough to include myself in this category, but I hope people one day will and say I influenced them. As for who I think is the greatest and why, Freddie Mercury one of the cleanest voices there ever was and he had range that was effortless. Robin Zander still has some of the strongest pipes. Donnie Vie really uses a lot of passion in his vocals. Axl Rose, when he was hungry to succeed , plus he was great at shaking up the industry. And Rob Halford, he is the OMG (original metal god).

Where do you get your inspiration as a musician from? Normally from stressful or BS moments that I have encountered at some point in my life. Tis one of the best and safest avenues to release stress.

Where were you when 9-11 happened and how did it affect you? Standing in front of a TV overcome with total shock. Like most Americans I was feeling tons of compassion for the ones that just lost their families, I remember the sense of togetherness the country was feeling. I bet at no time in history has this country felt so pulled together.

How would you design a memorial for the victims of 9-11? I don’t think anyone could design a memorial that could ever touch on the pain and suffering that was received from that tragedy.

What do you think of US involvement in the Middle East? I support the troops that are there to continue to fight for the protection of this country. I also support the strong families that have seen their family members sent off to the Middle East.

What single album has had the greatest influence on your life? GnR’s Appetite for Destruction, one of the few CD’s that was pure magic from beginning to end.

What is your favorite thing about Atlanta? The cold brews and the Hotlanta ladies. Oh, and it’s also home to some of my hip-hop compadres.

What are your thoughts on the sale of The Masquerade on North Avenue? They sold? News to me really… It’s been a while since we’ve played in Atlanta.

Tell me a joke. What is the last thing a drummer says in a band? Hey guys, listen to this song I wrote!

What is your opinion of George W. Bush? I have no ill feelings about Bush, he says it and does it. One thing I can say is if America was attacked again today and he stepped up like he did Sept.11 the citizens would be behind him like they were that day. How quick some have forgot that we were attacked on our own soil.

What is in your cd player right now and why? P Diddy the Saga Continues.

What is your favorite movie of all time? Magnolia.

If a movie were made of your life, who would you want to play you and what would the theme song be? Mark Wahlburg, so I’d look all buff and stuff. The Greatest American Hero would be my theme song.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring one person, one book, and one cd-who and what would you bring? My best friend and Tuesdays with Morrie to remind me shit is not that bad. CD- the Beatles’ White album.

What about the world pisses you off the most and why? I try not to focus on that to much. If I sit and think on that I might get pissed off.

If you were god for a week, what would you do? Bounce the earth like a basketball to shake some sense into some people. If nothing else I’d get a good laugh.

Do you believe in psychics? Why or why not? Yes I do. I believe people are born with gifts of all types.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience-if so tell me about it? I believe that I have on a few occasions, funny this is one of the questions because I have just started to do a lot of reading on ghosts. One occasion in someone’s house, I felt a really cold feeling come over me, looked over my shoulder and I feel like I saw what was the appearance of someone that hung themselves. I later asked the person that owned the house if there was ever a suicide there . His reply was that he was told there was, but that he had never seen anything himself. I have had a few others, too, but not as vivid as that.

Do you believe in reincarnation, if so who do you think you were in a past life-and who would you liked to have been in history? Honestly I have never thought on that one much, I have read that people are reincarnated continuously until they achieve in life what it is they are supposed to. Maybe George Washington or someone like that just so I could see first hand how times have changed for the better of worse.

What person would you bring back from the dead and why? John Lennon, he was so influential in molding music as it is today. Damn, think of the stuff he could write and produce with the technology we have today.

What do you think the best thing that ever happened to rock and roll was-and why? The Beatles… they were not afraid to experiment musically.

What else do you do besides play music? Some things need to be secret, at least that’s what Guido says.

Who in the world would you most like to dump a bucket of flesh eating ants on? Who.. To many to think of. Should I get out my list and check it twice?

What do you consider your greatest achievement of all time? Being a productive member of society.

If you had one million dollars to donate to any charity, what charity would that be and why? Kids and animals because they can’t help themselves.

Tell me about the worst job you ever had. Driving a taxi in Beruit.

If you could have lunch with anybody, living or dead, who would it be and why? I could say Geri Halliwell again for obvious reasons. Would that be buffet?

What superhero would you be and why? The Invisible Man, I could get away with some really cool shit.

What message would you like to send to your fans? Thank you for your interest in the songs, it really means a lot that you all enjoy what we create. And we love seeing you hookers and hookies out at the shows.

What is your favorite quote of all time? I was so poor growing up … if I wasn’t a boy …I’d have nothing to play with. –Rodney Dangerfield

What is the address for the band’s website ?


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