Saliva Shatters the Big Rock


June 13th, 2003

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Josey Scott: Vocals
Wayne Swinny: Guitar
Chris Dabaldo: Guitar
Paul Crosby: Drums
Dave Novotny: Bass

From: Memphis, TN

I would go see Saliva perform every day if I could. I think about twenty thousand
people would go see Saliva perform every day if they could. 99X treated us to
them for a second time in two months at The Big Rock in Stone Mountain-the first
time they played the 99X stage at Music Midtown in May on Josey Scott’s
birthday. Both times, Saliva blew Atlanta away. This city loves that band, literally.
Saliva has the strange power to make girls flash their breasts to the crowd. Saliva
makes people through things in the air. Saliva has the ability to make twenty
thousand people in Atlanta jump up and down at the same time while those twenty
thousand stay on the beat. I would say that those twenty thousand people made
Stone Mountain about 500 feet shorter as they headlined the June 13th show. Saliva
is just un-fucking-believably outrageous on stage. They make you want to listen.
– Josey Scott has such charisma on stage. You become like a moth to the flame.
You just get drawn to him. Josey ‘Click, Click, Boom’s’ vocals
are beautiful and powerful. I can compare Josey to no one but himself. -Wonder
Wayne Swinny is a complete orgasm on guitar. –Chris Dalbaldo is the foreplay,
you have to love him because he makes it all worthwhile. –Paul Crosby. How
do you keep it all together with your drums? I think you are totally amazing.
–Dave Novotny on bass rounds out the absolutely killer rhythm section that
makes us all go CLICK CLICK BOOM.

Saliva is a complete package. They are worth the price of a ticket-BUT EVERYBODY
GOT IN FOR FREE! It was like Christmas and Mardi Gras all wrapped up into one
in June. Saliva is an ultimate concert going event and we have 99X to thank for
it. Saliva is 99X.

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