Seether – Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

By Barb Fara


Shaun Morgan– Lead Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter
Dale Stewart – Bass
John Humphrey – Drums

“I would like to thank family, friends, bands and fans across the world thank you for helping me and my family through this tough time. Eugene, I will miss you forever and keep you in my heart. I love you, little brother. Rest in Peace.” – Shaun Morgan

Their new album was a masterpiece but it was delayed for release due to Shaun Morgan’s brother’s death. Shaun and his family needed time to recover. The quote you read above is on the inside sleeve of the CD.


  1. Like Suicide:

There once was a boy I knew named Chris. He was dating a girl from Long Island. The girl used him, sucked him dry and left him 90k in debt. No one saw the signs of his depression; they thought he was just an alcoholic. The night that Chris died was July 3, almost 15 years ago now. Chris said to her at a train stop, you keep the car speakers and my cds; meanwhile she begs him to stay and he says no. Four hours later, he is on the rooftop of a building nine stories high. Chris decides to walk along the edge of the building and says to his friends, “Watch me play Tarzan.” Everyone thinks he is going for the branch, but he doesn’t even try for it, and 3 days later he was dead. This song is dedicated to Chris, you are remembered. Where is Chris now? Somewhere in a box in Long Island under a tree memorialized with his name. There are people that can strip your soul, emotionally, physically and mentally. That one broken soul always looks for a way out, through drugs or suicide. Chris wanted out. Nobody was there for him and no one noticed the signs. People, please wake up and notice when someone you love is hurting before it’s too late.


  1. Fake It:

Dedicated to Amy Lee of Evanescence. Amy, this is what happens when you play with the big boys.



  1. Breakdown:

Breakdown can be either a relationship ending or from my point of view, I see an older brother with a message to his younger brother, “you can come to me” and yet the little brother was too far gone to be reached. Shaun, you did your best, but you couldn’t save him. He will always be with you. I know you would have done anything to protect him. He could have been depressed back in Johannesburg, and he thought coming to see his big brother would help. You were there for him and he was there for you, but when you make that decision, you make it alone. You did not push your brother out of an eighth story window; that was his decision. Stop blaming yourself.


  1. Fmlyhm

This could just be a couple on the outs, and now they just get together for grudge fucks. Some girls should stop being cunts and treat their mates like people and not trash. People have feelings too, we are all more than just flesh and bones.


  1. Fallen:

Oh, the boys of Seether, they are scared of getting old. And yet, they sit there and knock plastic surgery. I say, if you don’t need it don’t get it. It’s not the outside that matters, it’s the inside. Yes, this is the generation that is known for their one obsession – image. Just accept people for who they are and how they are.


  1. Rise Above This:

This song is clearly dedicated to his brother. He may not be with you physically Shaun, but he is with you in spirit. Those whispers in your ear may just be him trying to lift you up. Life is hard, but you will get through this. Something tells me that Shaun is quite psychic and he knows when the dead are trying contact him. And his brother is reminding him that he had nothing to do with this.


  1. No Jesus Christ:

This is a song about a person that has recently lost someone and how they are feeling after their loved one has passed away and you miss them so much you want nothing more than to join them. People tell you trust in God but how can you trust in a god that would let this happen? The answer is keep one foot in the past and one in tomorrow or you will waste away today. Tell people how you feel, express yourself, whether they like it or not. Put the guns down kids, and stop thinking about dying. You will end up brain damaged, dead or paralyzed. Is that what you want?


  1. Six Gun Quota:

Dedicated to every band in the biz that believes in the dream of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and the corporate world feeds it. Musicians don’t have a say anymore about what happens to their music or what gets played on the air. And if they do express their views or what they feel, they are criticized. If you do go into this business, please stay away from the drugs. Nothing will destroy you faster. Keep your head straight so you can read those contracts.


  1. Walk Away From The Sun:

We have people that come into our lives that we believe are our friends. We become vulnerable and open ourselves up and they hurt us. So this is my answer – get rid of all these motherfuckers in your life that wont accept you as you are. You don’t need them tearing you down, telling you that you are a failure. They are jealous. I would say fuck it and walk away from them that are trying to fuck with your mind. These people must be taken down. And my personal list is a long one. People will always try to control you and tell you what to do. Kick them out of your life – be it producers, engineers, management, friends or family – if they are ripping you apart, start over, you don’t need them. You can’t trust anyone but yourself.


  1. Eyes of the Devil:

When we look at this song, we are looking at someone who has lost someone close to him; the sad part is, this song embodies the pain of what he is going through. It is a hard thing to get rid of that pain, but you can’t keep that devil in your head. Seek your source.


  1. Don’t Believe:

Here is something different off the album that does not concern death, or mourning or missing the people that we love. It’s about a guy that has been fucked over more than once and has built a wall around his heart. He has someone in his life who wants to start a relationship but he is scared of being burned, but they are not afraid. He has to start it off with friendship, trust and communication – THEN jump in the sack. Get to know them first.


  1. Wasted:

Wasted is dedicated to Eugene. I really feel this is what the band saw when they looked into Eugene‘s eyes, especially his brother Shaun. So he took the easy way out, he wanted to be on the next plane. He felt that on the other side that he would be loved and respected for the person he was, but here is the catch, Eugene; people already loved you for who you were, you just had to give that call for help and everyone would have been there for you. Don’t you forget that either, Shaun.


This album was written a year and half before Eugene died. It was already in the process of being mixed. I do feel that in some way, Shaun and his brother are still very connected. It is a very anti-suicide album; it is about what it does to the ones that love you that are left behind. If you are in trouble, and need someone to talk to, call a suicide hotline, a runaway line, anything to get the help you need. You may think that no one understands you, but why not just give them the chance to try. And start trying to live as though it’s the last day on earth and you will see how fast the time flies; one minute you are 21, then 61, then in the grave. Live for the now, not for the yesterdays and communicate with those that love you and seek the help that you need. There is nothing wrong with getting help. Let’s see if you can beat death, because I know you will if you try. Kids look at the album very closely, this is coming from a band that has lost a loved one, it is coming straight from the heart, and this could be your brother or sister. This is one cd I would buy, in fact, I couldn’t even wait for the press kit, I did go out and buy this. Have faith in yourself and life will be good to you.


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