Seymour Glass: Note To Self


Seymour Glass: Artie Kitchen-Vocals. James Federico-Bass, Piano. Steven Pepe-Guitar. Sal Guanti-Drums.

This isn’t your emo band. When you listen to Seymour Glass, you will not feel an overwhelming desire to slit your fucking wrists . When you listen to Seymour Glass, you will not feel an urge to whine about how fucking bad your life is. So resist the urge to pick it up because it is supposedly emo.

-This IS your alternative rock band. Think Ben Folds Five, Radiohead, Deftones, The Used, and Bjork all at the same time so it fucking works-along with some intense fucking piano like Tori Amos. Heavy AND gentle at the same time. The album has range, which is fucking weird. -Hypervent is a fucking rock song and shows off controlled power. Hypervent really shows off Artie Kitchen’s vocal range.
Artie is going to remind you of Dio, Ozzy, and Scott Weiland. You haven’t heard a voice like his in a while and you are going to like him. -James Federico’s jazzy fucked up little piano phrases on Trigger Finger will bring Tori Amos to mind. Look at the lyrics on this song-My trigger finger is dead, so you might as well just blow me away. Steve Pepe comes up with some interesting and fucking spooky guitar on this song that is worthy of Slipknot. But watch, it will fool somebody and get on the radio. -Rocket Science is a throw back and has a strong seventies LSD rock thing happening…..Ground Control To Major Tom. I like it, but it drags just a little fucking bit-but I am willing to say it is the metal in me. It is just as good as anything The Killers have put out. -Car Crash is all about life and not falling down. Kitchen exhibits Steven Tyler power and range in his vocals on this. This is a great down tempo song for a metal head with a hangover. Go look at your car baby. Listen to Pepe do back up vocals with his guitar-his guitar sings on this track. -Note To Self could be the sound track to Catcher In The Rye. This one is very fucking Radiohead. Sal Guanti’s drums are really fucking noticeable on this track-like a gun with a silencer. -Thorazine has a flat out hard rock edge to it that slips right into a thorazine dream. It floats like you are dreaming and would be the perfect song for grudge fucking an ex one last time or for that trip to the psych ward. -CPR has more of that spooky little piano thing happening out of Federico to complement Kitchen’s vocals. This song is all about betrayal. It sort of reminds me of a really softer, whacked out fucking Shooting Star. College radio is going to suck this one up and play it to fucking death. -Chemicals makes me think of a junkie shooting up-goddamn it, probably somebody’s girlfriend or a good dose of prozac. Here’s the thing, it is fucking catchy-but it is one of those three am songs. -Broken has a Ben Folds Five feel to it. Everybody has that feeling like they are broken and used up and people are dividing the pieces of them up until there is nothing left. Pepe has some really controlled Joe Perry like riffs on this track. The music chorus is more catchy than the vocal chorus. -A Drive By is one of those songs to have a joint and a beer to. It is very fucking Pink Floyd and the Dark Side Of The Moon. Fans of Floyd will dig the shit out of this one, because it is just another brick in the wall. -Hurricane has moments of absolute fury in it and will appeal to fans of the Deftones and Killswitch Engage. Sometimes you wonder what the hell you are doing in the eye of the storm. -Abrasive Uncommon is a soul filled little rock ballad that explodes into guitar power. Artie has shades of early Todd Rundgren on this track. The drums on this are very Morgan Rose of Sevendust. The controlled vocals lets us hear that fucking excellent acoustic piano. I want to know how Federico is going to pull of the piano and the bass lines live on this track. -Everytime is the morning after song. Listen to the lyrics, he is crawling out of bed and is fucking confused. I can related to the rain clouds inside of his head.

Yes, this is an extremely radio friendly band, but not every band on MTV and the radio sucks ass. I chose to review this based on the pure fucking excellence of the musicians and the composition of the cd. Note To Self isn’t the same old radio friendly shit that labels and MTV have been feeding us as good music for the last fifteen years-Not To Self is truly fucking good. This band will be like Radiohead and REM. Watch them, because here they come. -Get this album while you can still afford it.


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