Skid Row 08/06/2003 • HI-FI Buys – Atlanta, GA – USA


Skid Row 08/06/2003 • HI-FI Buys – Atlanta, GA – USA

Barbara Fara
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Skid Row is: Johnny Solinger, vocals. Rachel Bolan, bass. Scotti Hill, guitar.
Phil Varone, drums. Dave ‘The Snake’ Sabo, guitar.
This isn’t the same Skid Row you are going to remember from the days you
were singing fucking 18 and Life at the top of your lungs. This is Skid Row for
2003, and oh my god what a fucking set they put on! The new lead singer, Johnny
Solinger, can carry Sebastian Bach’s range on 18 and Life without skipping
a beat-but on stage he OWNED that fucking song and the crowd that broke through
rush hour traffic in Atlanta to see it. –Yes, it was a small crowd because
it was such a mother fucking early start time for a show, but that left more Skid
Row for the rest of us. –Solinger ripped the hearts out of everyone when
he walked around the audience singing and slapping hands with everybody. Talk
about a fucking brilliant pure metal moment when he broke into the box seats at
the HI-FI Buys and stood up on the bar, singing, and faced the stage. –And
this motherfucker can sing!! He has a voice that can compare to the likes of Axl
Rose, Sebastian Bach, and Chris Cornell. I was relieved that nobody has made him
grow his hair down to his ass and die it blond either. It makes me have faith
in the fucking metal community that we aren’t looking for replacements-just
singers. –Phil Varone on drums made me forget all about Charlie Mills for
a minute. He is a fucking natural behind the kit for Skid Row. This little Libra
(October 15th) is fucking cut. I love a drummer with a six pack. He has a kick
ass stage presence for a drummer-and that is something that seems to be missing
from fucking drummers lately. So he is a breath of fresh fucking air. –Rachel
Bolan. What a fucking bassist! Rachel is a founding member of Skid Row and has
lived in Atlanta for two years. I had no fucking clue that he could sing like
Johnny Rotten either, but I have never thought twice about comparing him to Sid
Vicious-the only member of the Sex Pistols that could actually PLAY an instrument.
I only have one question for him about the show-wasn’t it fucking HOT in
that knit cap? -Scotti Hill became a guitarist for Skid Row back in 1986, and
I love him. He is a crazy fucker on stage. He reminds me of my one of my all time
favorites-Stevie Ray Vaughn. –Snake. Everybody should love fucking Snake.

He is a classic metal guitar player that has never gotten the respect or recognition
that he deserves. People should be talking about Snake like they talk about Paul
Stanley and Ace Frehley. Snake played on the Anthrax tour in 2000. Snake played
on the Ace Frehley tribute album that came out in 1996. It was Snake and Rachel
Bolan that founded Skid Row –don’t get me wrong I love Sebastian Bach,
but they found him. Without Snake and Rachel, there would have NEVER been a Skid
Row. Without Snake and Rachel, you would never have been able to sing along to
I Remember You and cry like a fucking baby. –The punk rendition of I Remember
You doesn’t suck…it is really fucking good.

No, this is not the same Skid Row. It is an EVOLVED Skid Row. It is a Skid Row
for 2003, not 1986. This is truly a great band, and it blew me away to see the
changes blended in with the old shit. This is a band that would have truly been
excellent at Ozzfest or Lollapalooza. –So why wasn’t Skid Row invited
to join EITHER of those tours? -Skid Row blew the little crowd at the HI-FI Buys
away. I don’t think anyone expected them to be so FUCKING EXCELLENT. Skid
Row put on one of the best shows that came to Atlanta that most people didn’t
see because everybody is looking for Sebastian Bach. Skid Row doesn’t need
Sebastian Bach anymore, they have Johnny Solinger. If Johnny needs a sick day-Rachel
Bolan can sing punk tunes to me all fucking day long. –So yes, if you have
the opportunity to catch Skid Row in a town near you do it. Don’t fuck this
one up.

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