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Barbara Fara
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Skid Row: Johnny Solinger-Vocals. Rachel Bolan-Bass. Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo-Guitar. Scotti Ian-Guitar. Dave Gara-Drums.

I caught the mighty Skid Row at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA in support of Revolutions Per Minute. And lets start with that-Revolutions Per Minute. Every metal band from the eighties needs to get with the motherfucking picture. If you don’t want to be considered a classic band-you should evolve and join the rest of us in 2007. An updated, contemporary sound will get you new fans, and that is what we all want if we want to be enduring ROCK ICONS like Aerosmith. Ah, but then again-Eighteen and Life To Go….

Revolutions Per Minute is a beautiful and well calculated risk. It takes advantage of Johnny Solinger’s Texas roots and elements of Southern Rock and Dixie groove fall into Strength, White Trash, and You Lie. His vocals have cut the fuck loose. Solinger has become his OWN man on RPM and is no longer living in the shadow of the big, bad, beautiful Sebastian Bach. Oh, the Texas Horned Toad parties like a fiend in true metal fashion. At Center Stage, he told us about all of Rachel Bolan’s hang outs in Atlanta. I heard some rumors about some ENORMOUS tabs being ran up about town being ran up in Rachel’s name. Atlantans love to party, and we LOVE Rachel. We LOVE our newly adopted son. He has been a gift to Atlanta’s music scene. He produced the massively brilliant Rockets To Ruin CD, and will be producing the local punk sensation known as The Luchagors. Rachel also sings lead in the local puck phenom The Quazimotors. –If you have never been a part of the scene in Atlanta, let me tell you this. It changes you. Once the Atlanta music community calls you family, you are in for life and in for the lifestyle. Drinking PBR’s at the Star Bar, sleeping until one, running out for sound check or band practice, getting a new tattoo, and hammering your guitar all fucking night is all a part of your life as a rockstar in Atlanta baby. We all consider The Psycho Devilles to be precious and god’s hidden gift to Atlanta. -All the little bands would love to be signed, but think it is more important to make really good music. Examples of these really great little bands are Rock City Dropouts, Anna Nicoleminer’s Daughter, The Swear, helltrash, Rockets To Ruin, Uncrowned, American Devils, The Hotrods, Green Bracelet, Tiger Tiger, The Woggles, Waited, and last but certainly not least Moses Jones. –So enter these two distinct influences on the mighty Skid Row and the amazing Revolutions Per Minute comes out on SPV. My favorites are on the CD are You Lie, Another Dick In The System, and White Trash. All three of those songs combine Southern style with the excellence found in Skid Row. Disease is just a tough song, and it fits in with 2007.
-And then there is Scotti Hill. Scotti’s performance was fucking inspired and very much guitar god-like. The first time I saw Skid Row, Scotti was cute and talented. This time he was positively kick ass. I thought his onstage presence was very fucking dramatic, and in my mind, he became a G3 candidate. I just wish he would change the fucking jumpsuit. He looks a little bit like the guy who changes the oil in my SUV. –Dave Sabo. How can I say enough about Snake? He is cuddly like a python. –In other words, his style picks you up and squeezes the breath right out of you. The man is brilliant, and is a forefather of the death metal guitar player. Yes, he is. Just as Malmsteen, Vai, and Satriani brought the classical model into guitar playing—Sabo helped bring the metal into death. Who would have thought that a guy so cuddly could help spawn metal’s most extreme genre? Fuck, Sabo is SO death metal that he doesn’t have a guitar deal. Just like every other death metal guitar player. –Then we have the new guy, Dave Gara. He looks so much like Phil Varone that I thought it was Phil Varone. Sorry Dave. Forgive me, but you dress just like fucking Phil Varone. I love your style though. You have that Tommy Lee intensity combined with what sounds like some punk and jazz roots. Very Atlanta of you Dave….but then again, you are from Atlanta aren’t you.

The show kicked ass. It will be out on DVD soon. -I love the CD. I listen to it every other day, and that means it makes its way though a big ass pile to stand out every time and say fucking play me bitch. So I do. –So listen to the psychic. You want RPM and you WANT to see Skid Row live.


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