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Barbara Fara
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Dave “the Face” Gabbard, is not a part of Stiilpoint. He is the president and owner of Southern Metal Records. After being a member of Nothingface from 1994-1998, Dave felt he was being pushed out by fellow members of Nothingface, and he decided to leave the band. I quote this from the mouth of Dave Gabbard. He should not be called Dave “The Face” Gabbard. Instead, he should be called, Dave “The Drunk” Gabbard.

Between 2002-2004, I interviewed Nothingface. They didn’t seem like the type of guys to push someone out. They seemed nice. They said nothing at all about Dave in the interview.

Dave Gabbard decided to move from Maryland to Atlanta, fell in love with his college sweetheart, Laura. He opened up a company called Southern Metal Records. He found this little band called Stiillponit, which consisted of Brandon Seay (vocals, guitars); Matt Dameron (bass); and Nelson Mark Ham (drums).

Brandon is a wonderful guitarist, and from what I see from him, he has a long road ahead of him. He plays like Cobain. And, he’s got the voice of Scott Weiland. But, Brandon  how many times are you going to try to be Jimi Hendrix? Where is the real Brandon? Or, are you under the lock and leash of Dave? When he says bark, you bark. It’s time to put on a new change of clothes at a photo shoot.

Matt Damerond, the bassist, is like the late Cliff Burton on bass. No personality, no charisma. He has nothing but talent. The only thing that’s killing him is the way he dresses. Man, somebody better get him a fucking wardrobe. Nelson Mark Ham, great drummer. You get that John Bonham out of him and that Dave Groehl out of him on drums. But what the fuck is a 45-year old man doing with a 19-year old and a 30-year old? He should be at home trying to find a band in his own age range. He also needs a stylist.

Monkeys and flying kangaroos have more of a personality on stage than Stiilpoint.

My question is this: how the fuck did they get Frankie Teal to come back into such a shitty fucking band? Frankie Teal has played with some of the greatest guitar players out there. How much is Dave going to pay him to play with this band? What did Gabbard blackmail him with?

I have a habit of editing shots of a band to their music, so I can get a feel for the shots. I have heard this CD more than 10 times. And, to be honest with you, I am going to just give you the tracks off the CD. My honest opinion is either they change their music format or they fucking break up. Every song sounds the same. If you’ve heard one note, you’ve heard every note. You hear stolen riffs off of other artist’s songs. You hear the melody. You’ve got the sound of Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana. There is no original music score, no original wording. If I was out and I saw the CD, and I bought it as a consumer, I would demand my money back. I would return it. And you, Hickman of project 961, stick with Moses Jones. Get away from Stiilpoint. I know you’re a big part of 961. I love your fucking show. But, I think these 30-second spots of Stiilpoint really suck. What is a 19-year old boy doing playing in a club when they’re not allowed in the club until their 21? I don’t want to hear it’s the music business. It’s a bar, there’s alcohol being sold. I know he’s not a drunk. I’m not trying to destroy the band, but I am shredding them.

Gabbard is living the career he wanted vicariously through Stiilpoint. Brandon, find your own path. Matt, get out of publicity; get out of A&R; get some new clothes. And, try some therapy for your emotionless attitude you narcissist. Mark, great lovin’ guy; wonderful drummer, you’re wasting your time with a 19-year old and 30-year old. Do something better with yourself.

If anyone is the star of Stiilpoint, it’s Nelson Mark Ham on drums. I, myself, have covered 5 of their shows at the Masquerade, Ermegenza, Vinyl, at Smith’s Olde Bar, and at the promo shoot. It is like a circus act. Each show is exactly the same. It’s not like these guys have changed their clothes in 3 months. How many times, Brandon, are you going to wear a Hendrix t-shirt? Matt, when are you going to take off that Gomer Pyle hat, you narcissistic son of a bitch? Nelson is the only one who seems to care where the band is going.

Now, the problem with the whole band is this: you have the famous Dave, ‘the Face’ Gabbard who starts up Southern Metal Records, has one band on the label beside his own band. It’s pathetic when you have to talk your band into winning second place at Emergenza, while the president of Southern Metal Records is sitting on the front steps at Vinyl drunk as a skunk. This is the president and owner of a record label? Do you want this man handling you and producing your band?

In the psychic world, when I look at Gabbard, I see resentment, greed, living off of everyone else’s dime. He is nothing but a psychic leach. He drains, drains, drains, and yet he has this band in a hypnotic state believing they’re going to go platinum, when they’re going nowhere. He’s a massive fucking drunk, loser, son of a bitch, who just destroys the people and things around him.

And then we have Laura Gabbard, his adoring, darling wife, and her best friend Rebecca. From my psychic point of view, I think they’re lovers. This woman wants this band to be blood and gore. She wants them to be another Type-O Negative. They can’t raise a pinky to them. They don’t have the intelligence Peter Steele has in his left pinky. She keeps trying to tell them what to do. They’re no Six Feet Under like Chris Barnes.

Nope, Laura, not gonna be George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse, either. If anything, Stiilpoint is nothing but a cover band. And, this was made by the destructive hands of Dave Gabbard and Southern Metal Records. It’s time to take off the blinders, guys. You’re working with the Angel of Death. He will destroy you. Or, what can I say, they’re already destroyed. I don’t see Southern Metal getting them on Ozzfest, or any major tours. All they’re doing is covering the Southeast coastline. Either Stiilpoint dies, or it’s just going to fade away. I pray to God it fades fast with Dave Gabbard and Southern Metal Records. And you, Hickman, of Project 961, I can understand the radio business. But, it’s time to get out of bed with Southern Metal Records.

R.I.P. Stiilpoint, Southern Metal Records, and Dave “The Face” Gabbard   

The tracks on the CD include:

No One Like Me
My Sweet Nicole
Blood Staind Memory
Diamonds Are For Ever
Sea Of A Thousand Sins
Little Mary

Phoenix From The Ashes


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