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Tim Narducci: Vocals/Guitar
Adam Ruppel: Guitar
Johnny Bechtel: Bass
Paul Bostaph: Drums

PLEASURE TO BURN lets you imagine burning away that pain and starting over fresh.
Fuck with SYSTEMATIC, and you will be a PLEASURE TO BURN. Tim Narducci delivers
strong, clear vocals with a motherfucking fist in the air. His cd performance
shows the strong influence of Metallica’s James Hetfield on the band.
If you love Metallica, you will love Systematic. Why aren’t they on the
Summer Sanitarium Tour? This is the question at MusicIncider. We know no one
can replace Metallica, but Systematic is the next generation. We love to dissect
songs on cd’s. So read on:

NOT LIKE YOU-Fuck you. I don’t need to hear your bullshit. I don’t
need to hear how fucking perfect you are. We are in two different worlds-and
motherfucker, you are standing on my head to get there. – I could see this song
being about a fucked up confession and Narducci ranting about an evil fucking

BREAKABLE-Payback is a bitch, and revenge is a motherfucker. This song speaks
for all the freaks in the world. We are still fucking standing and we are coming
for you. You better pray you grow some eyes in the back of your head-or your
guides are watching you. If I were you, I would start kissing some ass now!

INFECTED-It is time to stop looking for Prince Charming. Don’t fall for
the games. Don’t fall for the apologies. Don’t make excuses for
all of the broken bones and bruises. Walk out now, or you will go out in a body
bag. He will get off, and you will be gone. You will wonder where your children
are-with the asshole or with your parents.

RIGHT BEFORE YOU-I feel sad for the boy in this song. What a fucking life that
he has had along the way. His past still haunts him. Pray for him, because he
needs help.

SHINE-Let’s say you have been abused. You could be a man, woman, or child.
Let’s say your abuser dies, and you get to step into the grave digger’s
shoes. What fucking fun-to get the last laugh! You know that every day from
now on is going to be a shiny day-he is dead!

THE WATER CURE-This song is about an abused child that grows up. He tries to
make peace with the fucking person that has hurt him-and the person hurts him
as an adult. This abusive asshole has not changed one fucking bit.

THEY SAY (MY SOUL WAS LOST)-You are a rotten mother fucker. Who are you to
rip me up like that? You took away my memories. You took away my mind. You took
away my self-respect, but you haven’t won yet. Are you proud of yourself?
Are you proud of your work? Are you happy with the damage that you have done?
You mother fucker.

PLEASURE TO BURN-This is another song about an abused child. The child gets
older and turns that rage and pain in toward himself. He spikes his vein with
drugs, and I’ll bet it don’t matter what kind as long as it kills
the pain.

CHANGE-I am not changing for fucking anybody. If you don’t like it, go
fuck yourself. You want to do your own thing-go ahead. Leave me the fuck out
of it.

WHERE WE LIVE AND DIE-I can see the guy in this song in an ER. He has slashed
his wrists vertically thinking that he has finally found a way out. I can see
him in the resuscitation room. I can see the paddles, and the nurses hanging
the IV’s with the blood and saline.
-Will he get the ending that he wants, or will he survive?

LEAVING ONLY SCARS-He’s unconscious and on a spiritual trip. He realizes
that no matter what he does or has done his pain will follow him wherever he

JANE DOE-Is it worth fucking your way to the top? When are you gonna wake up
and realize that somebody out there loves you? It can’t be worth the shame,
because they are going to pick you clean,

I’LL GET BY-Leave me the fuck alone. Why don’t you all leave me
alone and let me live my own life and let me be the adult I want to fucking
be. I am not on a suicidal trip. I am on a spiritual trip until I find the answers
that need to be found- and until I do just leave me the fuck alone-can ya all
get the fucking hint?

I like this cd. It is down to earth and honest. It deals with a part of life
that people do not like to talk about. If we talked about it more, maybe abuse
wouldn’t happen so much. Would I go to see them in concert again? Yes,
they are worth the ticket price. Fuck man, Systematic would be great on the
Blackest of the Black tour.

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