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Symphony X-Mike Pinella

Mike Pinella, the keyboard player, from Symphony X took some time out to answer
a few questions for us. I like this Jersey boy. One of the greatest things about
having a magazine is that I am allowed to talk to all kinds of music people from
all over the country about whatever the fuck I want to.

CD Reviews

Johnny Lokke: The Wrecking Ball

I want to give Johnny Lokke a big complement. He has a voice that rocks the
house. This man’s voice can be compared to all the major band’s
lead singers. I love this album. Nothing sucks on it. It is a kick ass album.
It is a true fucking metal album. Lokke should be proud of his talents. This
is one band I would go se


Rob Trulak

MI- Tell me about your latest music project. Describe Salem Childe’s
Music. Who are the members of your band and what do they play?
Rob-Our current project is our first full-length CD, tentatively titled Coraxo, which means ‘Thunders.’ This album has been a group
collaboration and a Hell of a lot of hard work! The musick of Salem’s Childe is metal, with tribal and progressive influences.
Band members: Rob Lee – Vocals; James Gates – Bass; Mario Farino – Drums & Percussion; and myself on guitars.


The White Stripes Paint The Big Rock: 99X Show, Stone Mountain

The White Stripes packed so many people into the 99X Big Rock Show that Stone
Mountain was forced to close the gates and not let anyone else in. Stone Mountain
is pretty fucking big, and that is quite an accomplishment isn’t it? -It
just goes to prove that 99X has its collective finger on the pulse of Atlanta.
Once again 99X, MusicIncider thanks you.


Riding the Whitesnake in Atlanta

Ok, where the fuck were you? I think you missed the show of a lifetime if you
stayed home. It was Whitesnake playing songs off the 1987 album with two off
of Slip of the Tongue. Did you fuck up and stay home? I forgive you, but you
should not forgive yourself. What the hell is wrong with you, did you forget
to take your prozac? -In 1973, Deep Purple hired David Coverdale. So, yes-Coverdale
is an original metal father.


Circle II Circle’s Presidential Candidate Zak Stevens

Why did I fucking name this interview with Zak Stevens from Circle II Circle like
this? It is because I believe that Zak is the most promising candidate for President
out there. He has REAL knowledge about the issues-the important ones like health
care and marijuana legalization.


Saliva Shatters the Big Rock

From: Memphis, TN

I would go see Saliva perform every day if I could. I think about twenty thousand
people would go see Saliva perform every day if they could. 99X treated us to
them for a second time in two months at The Big Rock in Stone Mountain-the first
time they played the 99X stage at Music Midtown in May on Josey Scott’s
birthday. Both times, Saliva blew Atlanta away.

CD Reviews

Everclear: Slow Motion Daydream

Editor-In-ChiefEverclear is: Art Alexakis, (vocals, guitar). Craig Montoya (bass,
vocals). Greg Eklund (vocals, drums).

"This album goes to a different place," ALEXAKIS explains. "I had
always toned down the politics in my lyrics, but not on this one; I let it come
out as I felt it, saying what I wanted to say.

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