Tesla Loving The Roxy


Tesla is: Scott Johnson (filling in for Tommy Skeoch)-Guitar. Jeff Keith-Vocals. Frank Hannon-Guitar. Brian Wheat-Bass. Troy Luccketta-Drums.

Tesla was formed in 1985 in Sacramento California from a group that called itself City Kidd. So get this-Tesla changed its name from City Kidd to Tesla. Much better. -Tesla’s first album was Mechanical Resonance in 1986-who remembers Modern Day Cowboy? If you do, you deserve a t-shirt and an all day sucker. The second album was The Great Radio Controversy. You might not remember the album name but I will bet you remember Heaven’s Trail and Love Song-both of which were covered brilliantly at The Roxy in Atlanta Georgia. We also heard Signs, Edison’s Machine, Call It What You Want, and What You Give. What can I say except OH MY FUCKING GOD. I could have took pictures and sang to Tesla all night long. I had never seen Tesla live before. I knew about Tesla’s hard rock, bluesy music that is great to have fucking sex to. I didn’t know about what a fucking fantastic show that they put on live. Jeff Keith is fucking amazing live. He ALWAYS looks like he is having a fucking fantastic time. God, he reminds me of fucking Geddy Lee. He has all of the moves of a YOUNG Mick Jagger. I have to ask-why isn’t he as big as my Steven Tyler? I think we should have been seeing this guy’s picture all over the place for YEARS. -Then there is that big, blond, sexy motherfucker on guitar-Frank Hannon. Jesus H. Christ, he is an animal and plays like fucking Keith Richards without the cigarette and the yearly blood transfusion. I NEVER thought I would describe a guitar style as honest and raw-but it fits this guy’s style so very fucking much. His acoustic shit was fucking brilliant. I didn’t get into Brian Wheat on bass all that much. He reminded me of John McVie-keeping the beat and doing his job, but remember this-the bass player in a bluesy rock band is very fucking important. You aren’t going to get that feeling any other way unless you are BB King or Buddy Guy, and then just maybe. Troy Luccketta on drums was Terry Bozzio/Gene Krupa/Buddy Rich incredible. I cannot figure out where he got the energy to play that thirty minute drum solo at the end of the show. -Then there was Scott Johnson filling in for Tommy Skeoch. Scott Johnson is fucking magnificent, and to think I have never heard of him before. Scott is everything I want in a guitar player. Sexy. Great hands. Great hair-and the fucker can probably sing too. Isn’t this guy more than a little like Joe Perry? -Tesla is a hard working, hard rocking, amazing rock and roll band. I think if they would have been established in 1976 rather than 1986 they would have gave Aerosmith a run for their money. -Tesla deserves to be on a big package tour like OZZFEST NEXT YEAR. Can you hear me now? It is good enough for Judas Priest; it is good enough for Tesla. -Run. See them live while you can still afford the price of a ticket.

1986 Mechanical Resonance
-Modern Day Cowboy, Little Suzi
1989 The Great Radio Controversy
-Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out), Way It Is, Love Song
1990 Five Man Acoustical Jam
-Signs, Love Song
1991 Psychotic Supper
-Edison’s Medicine, Call It What You Want, Song & Emotion
1994 Bust a Nut
2001 Replugged Live
2002 Standing Room Only [live] 2004 Into the Now


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