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Barbara Fara
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The Autumn Offering: Dennis Miller-Vocals. Matt Johnson-Guitar. Sean Robbins-Bass. Nick Geylon-Drums.

I don’t hate everything about Jamey Jasta. -One thing that I actually like about him is his little upstart label-Stillborn Records. -The one thing I love about Stillborn is The Autumn Offering. TAO is a little upstart bunch of fuckers out of Florida. They got me when I clicked on their website- ‘metal music made by guys who smoke drugs and listen to Megadeth.’ They pay proper homage to Father Dave-yeah Mustaine you stupid fucker. Spark one up and lets talk about TAO and how fucking evident and wonderful it is that they listen to Megadeth. -Let’s start with the album title ‘Revelations of The Unsung.’ The title itself is a work of art really. I know a shit load of underdogs and people who don’t get the respect and love that they deserve-sort of like DAVE MUSTAINE huh? Look at some of the lyrics in the songs-heavy anti Bush overtones for a fucking band out of Florida. This band was born more along the lines of Agnostic Front than Hatebreed. I don’t know their personal stories-but their music is a story about intense struggle and the will to survive in spite of a world that wishes you fucking dead, also pretty fucking Megadeth if you ask me. You rise up everyday and try to live and make something out of life. You go for it, no matter what-and you tell your story the whole way through-this is The Autumn Offering and they are coming for you. -My favorite song live was REVELATION. Look at some of the lyrics, “welcome the prince of a royal family
we accept your heritage, of carnage, and all of the dirty dealings heir to a throne, by all means, necessary all hail to the thieves of democracy.” Following in the hardcore tradition of Mille Petrozza, they are taking their art straight from the headlines. That makes them different from Hatebreed and more along the lines of Agnostic Front and Megadeth. TAO is political, relevant, and hard. It might not ever put them on the cover of the Rolling Stone, but the revolution has to start somewhere. -The revolution is based solidly in excellent musicianship as well. The first on my list is that fucking outrageous bassist-Sean Robbins. Sean won my heart before he played a fucking lick with his Dimebag Darryl tattoo. Technically, he is fucking excellent and plays with a bluesy, old-school death metal feel-like Terry Butler of Death and Six Feet Under. Oh shit though-onstage he is a monster. I haven’t seen that much energy and showmanship on bass since Frank Bello. He is there to kick your ass and take your name down on a little pad. -Dennis Miller on vocals was pretty great. I would love to see him insert the occasional melody or clean vocal in there for variety. I understand the formula, but if you are listening to this band you are already pretty intelligent so you can roll with it. This guy has a great stage presence though-reminds me of Danzig. He is a pleasure to watch live. -Look at the latest Slipknot CD…that has some interesting shit on it. It doesn’t sound like everything else out there. I’d like to see more of the death metal giants with solid fan bases shake shit up every now and again. This would allow younger bands an opportunity to branch out as well and vary from the formula. I would love to hear a remix of Revelation with Dennis whispering the chorus. That would be spooky AND scary. -Matt Johnson plays a mean ass guitar. He is enough on guitars. He is so much on guitars that this band will never have to add a second guitar player. Matt is quiet intensity waiting to explode. This guy is going to break out and be a little more like Darryl Abbott. Right now, that broody, sexy thing he has going reminds me of Mustaine. -Nick Geylon on drums has traveled a million miles and without him the whole thing would fall apart. Intense and steady, this guy hangs with Miller’s switches and Robbins thunder. Just make it a show baby, and they will love you forever.
-I like this band. Get ready and watch them roll. They will fit anywhere.


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