The Chasm: The Spell Of Retribution


The Chasm: Daniel Corchado-Vocals, Guitar. Julio Virtebo-Guitar. Antonio Leon-Drums.

Who is The Chasm? The Chasm is a Mexican born, Chicago-based death/extreme metal band on Earache that fans of Slayer, Kreator, Morbid Angel, and Opeth are going to love them. -Every song on the CD is between five and nine minutes long, so everything you listen to is an epic. With Opeth off the scene right now, The Chasm is going to fit the bill for a lot of people. -They are really fucking interesting for a lot of reasons. Lyrically and conceptually they draw on the Aztecs, sure the Aztecs were really fucking smart but they required human sacrifice as a part of their religion. Death metal is a natural extension of Aztec and Mayan culture. The Mexican people are fucking cool as shit culturally-they celebrate The Day Of The Dead. Psychics and healers are respected in Mexico. So culturally, reaching out into death metal is going to be a different approach for a musician pulling on his history. The other side (Death, The Next Plane) isn’t very far away. The past is just over their shoulders in the shadow of the Mexican pyramids, and magic is very fucking real. Because THE CHASM puts the music out there with such strong belief and emotion, the listener fucking believes it too. It becomes more than fantasy and a release of aggression. -The songs are fucking complex, deep, and dark. We actually get guitar riffs too. Amazing and different fucking guitar riffs. For a three-piece group ( I have noticed fill in bass players in the band’s history since Alfonso Polo left the band), they sound like they have as many members as Ill Nino and Chimaira. -The Spell Of Retribution is a sixty-six minute incantation. That all by itself should drive right wing fundamentalist Christians fucking nuts-of course, that is assuming that they can understand what they are listening to. Personally, I want to know who they are laying this thing on. I want some more instruction with it-if I play it with somebody in mind will it work? Do I need to light a candle and get a picture? -I am not making fun of it, I am fucking serious. I am totally respectful of the Santeria, and I want to know how this works. -This CD isn’t for everybody. Every song is at least five minutes, and for some of you your ADD is going to get you lost. -This CD is for the thinkers, the dreamers, the pagans, and the people who love epic metal work. If you are one of those people, go pick it up. Prepare to get swept into the darkness.

Track Listing:

From The Curse
The Omnipotent Codex
Conqueror & Warlord
Manifest My Intervention
Retribution Of The Lost Years
Conjuring The New Apocalypse
The Eclipse: Monument To The Empire
Sentence And Burden
The Voyage
The Restitution
Remains Of The Covenant
Eternal Cycle Of Delusion


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