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The Exploited: Fuck The System

The Exploited: Wattie Buchan (vocals), Big John Duncan (guitar), Dru Stix (drums) and Gary McCormack (bass).

Finding out that Mexico City, one of the MOST violent cities in the world won’t let The Exploited play there because they were afraid of the riots and the fucking violence made me want to pull out my copy of Fuck The System. Here’s the deal. There isn’t a lyric on the album that says kill your neighbor-but The Exploited talk an awful goddamn lot about how fucked up society is. Ask yourself-how come people are getting violent? The music of The Exploited touches the deep social rebellion vein-shit’s gotta change man. Something has to give. I am not saying that the punk community is without fucking violence, but the music is stirring it up as a force for change. I hate to compare Wattie to John Lennon because their music is so goddamn different, but Wattie’s shit is anti-war and anti-poverty too. He is telling up that the goddamn governments are filled with fucking liars. Yes, he is controversial. So was Lennon. So was Morrison. I think it is a very grownup evolution of punk to become a catalyst for social change. It makes sense. –Great music reflects the state of the world, and that is EXACTLY what Fuck The System does. That is why people are responding with fucking riots and rushing the stage at concerts. The Exploited has its finger on something very dark and pissed off in the world, and people want to express it. People want fucking change. People want jobs. People want there to be no war. People want to eat. That shit is not happening and people are fucking angry about it.
Think about it. The Exploited have been pretty far underground for most of the band’s career. Yet, all walks of fucking life turn out for an Exploited show. Kids. Teenagers. Moms. Dads. Grandpas. They are all there. All races, colors, and creeds show up. How? Why? I don’t think it is because Wattie is on the cover of The Rolling Stone with Britney and Justin Timberlake. I think it is because The Exploited is real and NOW. The Exploited is a band for right NOW. The play fucking excellent, pissed off punk. Their music is legendary and sounds out fucking standing. Don’t be afraid-just be pissed! Check out the tracks.

1. Fuck The System – What would a fucking great punk record be unless there was an open call for fucking chaos? I agree-look at the fucking homeless in the streets while Halliburton Oil-oh I mean the American Government gets bigger and richer.
2. Fucking Liar – And true punks hate fucking liars. I hate fucking liars. All the fucking time somebody is lying to you, think about it. –If you lie to fucking Wattie, you are out on your ass in this song. I will bet some bitch of a woman was cheating on him.
3. Holiday In The Sun – Bosnia. Serbia. –Who better to talk about fucking war than Wattie? Who better to talk about people being put into fucking camps? Wattie Buchnan was a soldier-so he knows what that shit is like. Too many rich old, soft men are deciding our futures.
4. You’re A Fucking Bastard – This is my favorite song on this cd. It has two lines-you’re a fucking bastard, and a shit fuck too. So fucking simple. So beautiful. I like to think of it as a fucking masterpiece for the ages. If I didn’t think the RIAA would fucking sue me like they did that twelve years old girl-I would make an MP3 of it and send it out to a whole freaking shit load of people. –I would like to see Knuckleduster from Atlanta try a song like this.
5. Lie To Me – The truth about fucking politics. The system sucks. There is no democracy really; they are all fucking lying to you. All this shit was decided before you were ever born.
6. There Is No Point – You are right, there is no fucking point. So what? It is punk music and sometimes the point IS that there is no fucking point. Sometimes arguments are futile.
7. Never Sell Out – This is for you-you fucking punks that never sold out. The Exploited is still hard and angry after all these years. They haven’t gone soft or commercial.
8. Noize Annoys – More beautiful simple fucking punk. I want to make an MP3 of this one and send it to all the people who NEVER shut the fuck up and who are on my back about shit.
9. I Never Changed –Now everybody has somebody that they are ALWAYS there for, but that same somebody is NEVER there for you. Case in point-think about the last time you helped somebody move. I will bet that same person didn’t help you move when you had to.
10. Why Are You Doing This To Me –The punk break up song. A true punk doesn’t want to die when a bad break up happens. A true punk gets pissed off and screams. To quote Arnold in T3, ‘It is far more helpful to be angry.’
11. Chaos Is My Life – I get tired of trying to force my fucking future, and I will bet you do too. The economy sucks-do you still have your job? Do you have to start all over again? -Fuck man, a gallon of milk costs four bucks.
12. Violent Society –We live in a violent fucking world. Yeah, there is the outright violence. Crime, Rape, and Murder. Then there is the more subtle shit-like getting fired for no good reason or being told you are a piece of shit and your magazine is a piece of shit. Violence is violence.
13. Was It Me – The strangest kind of fucking pain is that pain that happens when somebody takes their friendship away from you without discussing it first. It leaves you wondering what the fuck happened.

I love The Exploited. Anybody with a brain loves The Exploited.
They know what the fuck they are doing and what the fuck they are talking about. Fuck The System is still punk-but it is even angrier. It is violent, but it isn’t fucking ugly gross. Nobody pulls any guns out. Nobody dies. Nobody is killing cops, their parents, or their selves. Nobody is jumping off of buildings to express their rage-but the fucking rage is still there. Yes, you want some old school punk. Yes, you want to see The Exploited live, and yes-you should pick up a copy of this cd.

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