The Love Buzzards


The Love Buzzards at the Masquerade
Atlanta, Georgia 8/21/03

The Love Buzzards are: Fran-Guitar/Vocals. Freddy-Drums. Wally-Bass. Based in: Atlanta, GA.

And who the hell are The Love Buzzards? The Love Buzzards opened for my much loved Knuckle-Duster at the Masquerade, and what can I fucking say-they caught my eye. The Love Buzzards are brothers Fran, Freddy, and Wally-originally from New Orleans, LA. Fran has some growling vocals and a mean ass guitar style. Fran reminds me of Zakk Wylde, especially when I see that long ass hair. Take off the baseball cap Fran. I want to see that fucking hair fly. You have a great fucking voice man; I dig the shit out of it. I just want to see you get a little CRAZY onstage. I love the fact that you are fucking happy up there. I loved your Jagermeister shirt too-I fucking want one. Wally on bass is the pretty pretty one. He plays that bass like he is in Lynyrd fucking Skynyrd man. His riffs on that bass are Southern and HARD. He handles that bass like it is a rhythm guitar. If Hetfield played bass-he would play like Wally. Freddy on the drums is also just so fucking happy. I could tell that he LOVED being onstage at the fucking Masq. Only somebody that lives in Atlanta would realize what a fucking privilege it is to play at the Masq. I fucking love that too. Freddy reminds me of Tommy Lee, a little. He is working on it man.
So these three brothers moved to Atlanta and started their own label-Evergreen Records. The label is small, but it does whatever the fuck it wants to. Evergreen Records is home to Nozmo King, IllMic, and Social Outkastub too-not too fucking shabby huh? Metal Edge has even taken the time to review Social Outkastub. But the important thing here is The Love Buzzards. It is time Fran, Wally, and Freddy start getting some press. The kids fucking loved them. One girl kept jumping up and down and spinning in circles until she puked while The Love Buzzards were playing-how can I beat that for a fucking review of a live show? The Love Buzzards have a kick ass sound, tons of fucking musical talent, a stage presence they are working on-and NO FUCKING PRESS. –Fran is a published poet as well as a singer/guitarist. Wally is going to pose for the cover of Guitar Player One, and Freddy is going to lead self-esteem classes for drummers. You WANT to spend ten bucks and go see a show sometime and see the voodoo barbecue that The Love Buzzards bring to the stage. They have been around this town since 1996, and they kick some ass. So yes, you want to support The Love Buzzards in the local music scene here in Atlanta. You want to support ALL of the local music here in Atlanta-The Love Buzzards deserve it.

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