The Misfits


The Misfits in Atlanta
-The Gods Love Me-
November 11th, 2003

The Misfits are: Jerry Only-Bass, Vocals. Dez Candena-Guitar, Vocals. Marky Ramone-Drums.

Yes, the Gods love me. They love me because The Misfits were at The Masquerade. The Misfits are the reason I love punk rock music. I love Static, Die Die Die My Darling, and Who Killed Marilyn. The ONLY way the evening could have been at all better was if The Fits had done Static. –I always loved Doyle, but I didn’t miss him that night with Dez and Marky. Sure, I would have love to see my beloved Glenn Danzig front The Fits-but fucking Jerry Only looked hot as hell in that fucking spandex. He was buffed up and evil looking with the famous Misfit mask on the back of his head. Jerry also has the wickedest looking bass I have ever seen. Jerry has a hard driving solid punk voice built for pounding its way through the heart of hell-don’t get me wrong. What impressed me the most about Jerry was the way he worked the crowd. It was controlled fucking chaos. The kids got up on stage and sang. They bombed the pit, and Jerry urged them on for a little more. Jerry posed for pictures with EVERYBODY and signed EVERYTHING. Hell, I could qualify as a groupie. I had him sign my t-shirt AND my drinking bracelet. So let’s look at this. The guy gets up on stage. Sings and plays his guts out for two hours. Dodges bodies hurling themselves at him, and then immediately after the show puts his bass down and signs everything put in front of him for another hour and a half. He waited for EVERYBODY to get a chance to pose for a picture or get something signed. That is a type of fucking star quality you just don’t see anymore. God, I appreciated it. The Masquerade appreciated it. It was simply class and grace.
Jerry is a classic and underrated bass player. Ever see him on the cover of Bass Player magazine? No. No you haven’t, but think about it. He fronted the band while playing bass with the amazing and INCREDIBLE Marky Ramone behind the drum kit. That is just something. Jerry should win an Iron Man competition AND I like his fucking voice. –Can I say enough about Marky Ramone? It was an absolute HONOR to take his picture for my magazine. I never expected to take a picture of the legendary Marky Ramone. Marky doesn’t need to play double bass or have a huge drum kit. Marky knows he is great. We know he is great. There should be BOOKS written about Marky Ramone. Just Marky. –The surprise of the evening was Dez Candena from Black Flag. Dez plays a mean ass guitar and handles himself pretty fucking well vocally. Not too fucking shabby. I had the privilege of meeting Dez before the concert, and let me tell you this-he is a really a nice guy!
Like I said earlier, The Misfits did some classics that the crowd swallowed whole. The Misfits classics drove them fucking NUTS, but they didn’t slow down for the new shit either. There is something SO fucking appropriate about The Misfits doing punk covers of songs from the fifties. My favorite was Monster Mash. They also did Great Balls of Fire and This Moment. This concert is not one you should miss under any circumstances. If ANY Misfits line up comes to a town near you-you have to see it. It is history. Twenty years from now people will STILL be playing Misfits records and talking about do you remember when. –Let me tell you, The Misfits are still here. They are still great, and EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN!

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