The Myriad


The Myriad:  With Arrows, With Poise


By Barb Fara

President and CEO of


The Myriad:  Jeremy Edwardson-Vocals, Guitars.  John Roger Schofield-Bass.  Steven Tracy-Guitars, Keys.  Jonathan Young-Guitars.  Randy Miller-Drums.


     I was told to smoke a bowl and listen to The Myriad and take the trip-but before I smoked my pretty cherry tobacco in my glass pipe, I went in search of some history on The Myriad.  All of the group’s reviews seem to be on Christian oriented sites.  I am not opposed to the idea of Christians (other than they seem to want to burn witches and psychics-which puts me at the top of their collective hit list).  Yes, I do tend to cover the likes of Satan a whole lot more than the likes of Jesus-but you know, that’s the way the metal flows unless it is As I Lay Dying.  And I found The Myriad is from Seattle, and I do like just about everything from Seattle (Kurt Cobain, Sub Pop Records, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, Starbucks).  -So, I looked some more.  Yup, they won the fucking MTV thing, and we all know how I feel about regular MTV these days.  I would rather go to my doctor and have him tell me I am too fat than watch Cribs, and after a half hour of Mainstream MTV everything sounds like Motherfucking rap rap rap rap (did I say rap?).  It compels me to put in Lil’ John and scream Snap Yo Fingers, Do Yo Step you goddamn French Fry Boys out the window to people passing by on the street (by the way, I am gathering a small fan base of people on their way to Piedmont Park who gather to watch me and the cat scream this.  I wonder if I can get Jermaine Dupri to cruise by).  So, MTV does not impress me all that much.  It kills my buzz, and it makes me scream.  When I found this MTV thing out, I went diving for the rolling machine.  –All the reviews seem to be a cut and paste version of the press release.  Now isn’t that something.  Send a ‘Zine a cd, and they cut and paste your press release.  At least I leave them piling up until I get to do them.  One review I read mentioned something about Emo.  Isn’t Emo the little red guy on Sesame Street?  I think I got my nephew one that laughed one year for his birthday.  –I looked at who they were being compared to…-kent (WTF is a kent?), and Bjork (The crazy bitch that dresses up in a swan outfit and does those wild, poetic artsy songs).  The press release also said something about the band relying on captivating performances rather than onstage antics-which translates into over-produced studio band, sucks on stage.  Which then made me think deeply of William Hung (American Idol) and his brief stint with KOCH a few years ago, Opeth and Hung were on KOCH at the same time which made me smoke A LOT of….Marlboros….at the time. So, with all of this in mind, I picked up the CD.  The cover art, well, it looked like my nephew with the laughing EMO did it and I began to wonder where his royalties were.  The second thing I looked for were lyrics-no lyrics, but set up to look like a book for little kids-maybe this is why they were on Jesus sites!   Suffer the little children, and all.  So, with large amounts of fear and loathing (and not nearly enough..ughh, tobacco)-I placed With Arrows, With Poise into my CD player and lined up many tobacco cigarettes.  –To my surprise, I found that I actually liked The Myriad.  I found them to be similar to The Killers and Radiohead. 

     Since the press release said the band wanted to draw on all of the creative experiences of the band at the same time, is it fair to single out each individual member?  We are Borg, we are The Myriad-but I digress.  Front man Jeremy Edwardson’s low key, deadpan delivery reminds me of everything I like about Brandon Flowers.  He could be Brandon’s fucked up twin from Seattle.  How is The Myriad different from everything else?  At least in this genre-it gets into the same mythical storytelling that bands like Opeth, Amon Amarth, and Trivium do, but Frankenstein and Cookie Monster stay at home.  So if you like The Killers, the Bravery, Radiohead, and Opeth-this will be a band you like.  Even if your tobacco runs dry.  Notable tracks are You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock (since when do clocks waste time?), A Thousand Winters Melting, and Stuck In A Glass Elevator.


Track Listing:  You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock-Get On The Plane-Forget What You Came For-A Clean Shot-(You can find this one on Rock Band.)-The Accident-Holiest of Thieves-A Thousand Winters Melting-Polar Bears and Shark Fins-Throwing Punches-Don’t Let Them See You-Braver Than The Rest-Stuck In A Glass Elevator.



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