The PARADE KID at the 99X Upstart Fest


Parade Kid doesn’t have a website, but he appears to be sponsored by 99X. From what I could gather-Parade Kid leads parades in Douglasville Georgia and has several local sponsors. -So let me tell you about the Parade Kid from what I could make out in the six minutes that they let they guy talk….maybe you will want him to lead your very next parade. -Parade Kid is also known as Chris The Italian Elf. He believes that Santa Claus is either going to be dead or retired as a result of a crash landing at Hogwart’s. Harry Potter will be taking over soon. -This would be a great way to scare little children at Halloween and I am thinking about borrowing this line for my nieces and nephews. Some idiot named ‘The Fat Kid’ kept interrupting him. They should have let the little fucker talk. -As far as scheduling personal appearances, I would not recommend the 99X Upstart Fest. The event was great, and I love The Masquerade Music Park, the booths, outdoor concessions, and portable johns made it seem like a mini Music Midtown-but the Italian Elf was WAY overshadowed by everything that was going on around him. When you schedule a personal appearance, you want to be the star of the show. Some overweight radio personality in a pair of elf ears should get the fuck off the stage and let you finish your little story. Especially if you stay in costume and character all day no matter what.
Parade Kid has suitably evil overtones and sort of looks a fucking alien. I had the chance to meet him, and he is a hell of a nice guy. I would let him baby-sit my kids-because he would scare the hell out of them and be entertaining at the same time. It was nice of 99X to give him a plug-but he should have had the chance to roll with it. So, let’s go over it. 99X Upstart Fest-Good for bands, bad for personal appearances. Parade Kid-evil, scary alien type who will tell your kids Santa is dead and Harry Potter is taking over. Parade Kid is a fit for The Masquerade and should consider a personal appearance at The Secret Room. -99X, take the ears off of the fat guy and make him a music critic and keep introducing the best new music to Atlanta.


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