The Wrist vs. The Futurist Party


The Wrist vs. The Futurist Party
“Go Home and Tell Your Parents Everything Is Gonna Be Okay” (Part

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The Wrist Vs. The Futurist Party is ANOTHER overlooked brilliant Atlanta band.
They are also another band that has been labeled ‘EMO’. The Wrist
Vs. The Futurist Party tells the story of every struggling musician in Atlanta.
Atlanta has an alive and talented music scene, but who the fuck is listening?
Who is speaking the truth about their lives? Who is being original?
The answer is The Wrist Vs. The Futurist Party. Jeremy (jw) delivers Little
Five Points, Georgia lyrics with a sultry, seductive voice. That voice is delivered
with a band that brings Pink Floyd to mind. The vocals and the band are perfect
complements to each other. You want to hear them. You want to understand their
reality, because it is probably your reality as well. So, here we go.

Love mom ’85- This song is a horror story. The adult in this song is
coming to terms with a mother that neglected him. The mother acts as if nothing
has happened to him at all. Her neglect and abuse turned him into who and what
he is.

Waking up &- You might want to call this song the depressive national anthem.
It sucks-this thing called life. Stop trying to fix the hero in this song because
you are breaking him. Do something about it. Don’t give up Mr. Hero of
the song guy.

A house in tampa- This song is about that last thread of childhood. That last
act, and the last dead end are explored. A house in tampa is a longing for that
beautiful sexual innocence that was.

She falls asleep in front of the TV- This song is so Pink Floyd. I can imagine
the TV singing to some lonely chick that dropped acid. The TV has turned into
quite the lover. Jeremy Wilkins is quite the poet.

Stupid Man Suit- This is a great song about frustration. Following your dreams
and your calling can be a pain in the ass. The world eats your creativity. The
world saps you dry.
If you have nothing else, you have your truth.-Sorry Jeremy, I just judged what
I thought you really meant.

Listen to this band. Go see them live.

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