Titanium Black: Bleed For You


Titanium Black: Terry Michael LeRoi-Vocals. John Matthews-Guitars. Aaron Worden-Bass. Rob Spagnoletti-Drums.

This album will make the death metal children cry with fucking agony. I can already hear the bitching and moaning about too many ballads on Bleed For You, but let me tell you something. Ozzy’s fucking producer heard Terry LeRoi and put this fairly badass little CD together to go on a label that doesn’t even have a website and I love a fucking underdog. So quit your fucking whining and clear your mind-metal does not ALWAYS have to make your ears bleed if blood is in the title now does it? -There we go. Now we can talk. Dio sings. Dokken sings. Ozzy sings. Rob Halford sings-so why is it so unusual that Terry LeRoi sings? LeRoi’s powerhouse fucking vocals make this band. He is like every great that came before him that sings. His range is classic and fucking huge. -Based on that alone, it is worth listening to AT LEAST an MP3 off of Bleed For You. Go ahead-listen to DEEP. Ballads do not always suck kids-you need music to fuck to as well. -The fucking rapping on Quite A Machine pissed me off entirely…stop that. Stop that right now LeRoi. The power of MusicIncider compels you not to give in to that shit-fuck Korn. We only really need one. I think one is all we can take. -Spit You Out is fucking awesome. I buy the pissed off New York attitude on it. Snarl at me baby, but don’t fucking rap. I need fucking commitment in my vocals. -John Matthews on guitar is a Billy Gibbons classic. You’re gonna like him, and he is a power player and can handle those mother fucking riffs. A power vocalist needs a power guitarist, and we have a one two punch in LeRoi and Matthews. -Aaron Worden does his fucking job, but it is a bitch to figure out his style-so if I can’t pick on him he must not suck. -Who is actually playing drums? Is it Rob Hartz or Robbie Spagnoletti? The CD gives Spagnoletti credit, and the website gives Hartz credit. -The drumming on the CD is fucking Charlie Benate excellent, but who it is is unclear. -The cover art on the CD is simple and elegant, but I would like to see the lyrics, some photos, and some liner notes to round the fucking thing out. Some people actually like to look at shit like that while they are listening to the CD. -There don’t seem to be any tour plans that I can see on the website, and it is weird that a band does not tour in support of its work….hmmm. -Overall, Titanium Black is going to remind you of Queensryche. They are good and a throwback to actual singing in metal. To quote Dokken, ‘I like singing. It’s good for your soul.’ But it needs a little more and needs to drop the fucking rap-so I give the CD a seven out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’S. The seven is for the singing and the guitars. I like a fucking ballad every now and again. Most of you would have never been born without a great power ballad. -My favorite tracks were DEEP, CRACKS OF LIGHT, and SPIT YOU OUT.

Track Listing:
Cracks of Light
Quite A Machine
Perfect Love
Miles Away
Torn To Pieces
Spit You Out
Bleed For You
Handful Of Lies
Close To You
Celebration Of Suffering


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