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Mastodon: Brann Dailor – drums. Troy Sanders – bass guitar, vocals. Brent Hinds – guitar, vocals. Bill Kelliher – guitar, vocals.

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

I could not be more proud. Mastodon is going to be on Warner Brothers and their first Warner Brothers release is expected in early 2006. Finally, a band from Atlanta has some massive recognition coming its way. These fucking guys have worked HARD and are a prime example of the music and the musical style that is evolving out of Atlanta. –The guys don’t want to be fucking Slipknot or As I Lay Dying in the Atlanta music scene. They are unique. Thick King Crimson meets Queens of the Stone Age with a little Queen and Lynyrd Skynyrd thrown in for good measure. -Metal in Atlanta, Georgia is heading that way. Go ahead. Try to fucking classify it. It is hard, heavy and reflects the climate in Atlanta. The stoner riffs are there. Brann Dailor can play drums like fucking Buddy Rich and makes the Mastodon sound unique. Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher would make Vai and Satriani pround with their utterly fucking complex style and amazing vocals. In Mastodon, we have three vocalists-not one. Each vocalist brings something unique to the table-but out of the three vocalists Troy Sanders is the most interesting for me to watch onstage. He always looks like he is surprised to be there. God, he look surprised at the Masquerade that night. All the royalty in town was out for the show…Hallows Eve, Last, The Impotent Sea Snakes, Edgewood, Artimus Pyledriver-you name it. My boys were there, and that is something that I really love about the Atlanta music scene. They all come out to support each other.

–That song ‘Blood’ with the clowns scares the fuck out of me. I watch the Simpsons too. Can’t sleep or clowns will eat me. –Megolodon off of Leviathan has so fucking much in in-it ranges from hardcore punk to r&b within the context of that one song. Yes, you could easily get away with calling Mastodon a heavier Rush like Ross Halfin said. –The Moby Dick thing on Leviathan proves that these aren’t a bunch of dumb hicks either-can you say well read? I could see Ahab going out to hunt the fucking whale on I AM Ahab. I loved Iron Tusk live too. –Mastodon isn’t over the top fucking hyper live. They are an exercise in smart control for this generation like AC/DC and Led Zepplin before them. I can easily understand why Revolver called them the most important metal band-maybe it is because they are. Don’t forget, they emerged from Atlanta. Go see em before they get so big and famous that you can’t afford a ticket.


Untitled (9 song demo2000)
Lifesblood (promotional EP; released by Relapse records 2000)
1 Shadows That Move
2 Welcoming War
3 We Built This Come Death
4 Hail to Fire
5 Battle at Sea
Remission (released by Relapsed records 2001)
1 Crusher Destroyer
2 March of the Fire Ants
3 Where Strides the Behemoth
4 Workhorse
5 Ol’e Nessie
6 Burning Man
7 Trainwreck
8 Trampled Under Hoof
9 Trilobite
10 Mother Puncher
11 Elephant Man
Leviathan (released by Relapse records 2004)
1 Blood and Thunder
2 I Am Ahab
3 Seabeast
4 ísland
5 Iron Tusk
6 Megalodon
7 Naked Burn
8 Aqua Dementia
9 Hearts Alive
10 Joseph Merrick


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