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Tom Petty at the Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater in Atlanta on February 15, 2007.

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

Only a Libra with the name Tom Petty would give you the best Valentine’s Day gift in the world. For a photographer, getting to shoot the whole show is like the best Christmas gift – to Barb.

Tom’s performance that night included some chic named Stevie Nicks, who used to sing with some band called Fleetwood Mac. Tom helped her produce her album, Belladonna.

She should really consider having Tom work with her again. They did a wonderful version of Draggin My Heart Around, which she did record with him. Tom looked beautiful that night in his camel suede jacket with his black paisley shirt and his gorgeous jeans. I just wish Howie Epstein was with him. God rest Howie Epstein because we know he’s always with Tom, no matter what.

He must practice every day because that band runs like a fine Firebird, real tuned up. I have to give Petty credit.

The show started at 8 pm and didn’t end till 12 am. I should know. I was standing there with 104 fever, camera in-hand, reviewing that show. He covered everything from Damn The Torpedoes down to Full Moon Rising; all the way down to Highway Companion’s Saving Grace.  It was like he gave an anthology up to his latest and greatest hits.

Tom started off with Saving Grace, and others from his latest album, Highway Companion. We’ll be sure to include the list at the end of this review. This is one concert you do not want to miss. Petty is the ultimate show stealer. He mentioned that his nieces and nephew love everything that he has put out, including his newest CD.

In particular, they love Down South and Big Weekend.

He also did Refugee, Don’t Do Me Like That, Here Comes My Girl, and Don’t Come Around Here No More. Off of Full Moon Fever, he performed I Won’t Back Down. He did Running Down A Dream, You’re So Bad, Into The Great Wide Open, Learning To Fly, and Making Some Noise. American Girl, Listen To Her Heart from You’re Gonna Get It album. Mystic Eyes, Time To Move On, Cabin Down Below, Here Comes My Girl off of the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers boxed set.

He did not do It’s Good to be King, which I wanted to hear. He did Accused of Love. He performed Room At The Top from the Echo album. Off The Last DJ, he performed Lost Children, When A Kid Goes Bad, Can’t Stop The Sun.

Square One, Flirting With Time, Jack, Down South, The Big Weekend, Damaged By Love, This Old Town.

Stevie Nicks stuck around to sing backup vocals for him, but you could hardly hear her because Tom stole the show, which he should’ve done.

Recently, I read the review on Tom Petty’s Highway Companion CD in Rolling Stone Magazine. Everything Tom Petty puts out is a hit. The only reason I believe Rolling Stone compared this album to a “Neil Young-ish lope,” is bullshit. The problem is that Rolling Stone doesn’t want to hear what Tom Petty and Neil Young have to say – the truth about the war. Petty makes the album lighter at the end to help people deal. It covers everything from 9-11 to Katrina. When it comes to The Last DJ, the whole album is an anti-corporate album. It’s not one of his weakest pieces of work. It’s one of his strongest among every album he’s ever put out. If Rolling Stone does not like what he’s putting out, then they should not even have even answered him by reviewing the CD.

I look at the concert and I see a man who has been in the business for 30 years and has taken an ass-kicking and come back. And, he still does not back down. No one gets in his way, and you could see it that night at the show.

He closed out the show with the beautiful song, Mystic Eyes. People should respect Petty for who he is. We know that The Strokes opened for him, but Petty stole the whole show.  

I’ve seen more shows in the past 10 years and the only one who has put on a beautiful show is Petty. He’s not just a musician; he becomes a part of the music when he performs. You can’t compare him to anybody else. But, if you see Petty coming to your town, this is one show I would go see. Don’t second guess yourself about what you’re going to get when you see him.


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