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Tom Petty said this in an interview, “Nothing historically significant has happened in Rock and Roll since 1974. Nirvana was interesting. I am interested in guitars, and music. I tried to get one of my videos on VH1, and it was turned down because it wasn’t a concept video.” Tom Petty does not use his fame and status to tell us what to think. He uses it to tell us what is truly going on. He uses interviews and his music to tell us what he thinks. What has happened to our music? What happened to the tunes that used to take us on a spiritual journey? Tom tells us on The Last DJ.

The Last DJ, the title track on the CD, tells us about when music was real and how it has become a machine that sucks the soul out of music, the musician, and the fans. The musician is made by the corporation. Dj’s are now tapes that are pre-programmed according to MONEY. The real musician, who is busting his ass, does not get any airplay. IT does not matter what the DJ thinks, it is what the corporation wants. The DJ has no more freedom.

Money Becomes King talks about a soul stirring young musician that sells out to a light beer commercial. Tom and the Heartbreakers speak to the fans. Everybody has some Rock God that they used to love before they sold their soul to the devil. The song’s subject, Johnny, lost his lust for music. Johnny believed he would have his rights if he went corporate. Meanwhile, Johnny lost his music, his soul and his pride to make a money making machine happy while he was dying. He learned his life lesson, nothing is worth his soul.

Dreamville is an autobiographical sound. It is about when music was real and not for sale. Musicians could be musicians who did what they wanted. Petty himself keeps that memory in his heart from his childhood with memories of his mom and going out on the town.

Joe makes me want a cigar. Joe is in total control of everything. Joe may not be the face on the album, but you can bet your ass he is behind it and his name is on the contract for a royalty distribution. Joe is mad at women. They should serve his needs. Don’t cross Joe, because he will fuck you up the ass and feed your addictions. Joe is out for only one person-Joe. Joe is just not a money making machine. Joe is a fucking pimp who sells porn in his eyes known as music. Joe would take a real band that has been on the road for years and destroy them without the band seeing it happen. The band would think Joe is their friend. The truth is, Joe is the devil and he owns your soul. No matter who you are, he’s got you by the balls. So watch your ass! Joe is everywhere in the industry. Joe is waiting for you.

When A Kid Goes Bad tells us about the loneliness of a kid that goes bad. The sadness and heartbreak that such a silly fuck must bring into the world. Who wants to be around some evil thing that wants to shoot them, double-cross them, and just be fucking miserable? That lonely bad kid wants love and attention from his parents. The parents don’t have time for him, and make him out to be the bad kid. Actually the parents are bad. All the parents are doing is thinking of themselves. So, the kid becomes the bad seed that they tell him he is.
His real parents are the finest electronic components available on the market.

Like a Diamond is another sad story about a soul who lost a love and waits for that love to come back. That love never comes back. The soul sits there forever, whether it is in a hotel room or behind the wheel of a car. The soul waiting carries a happy face for friends and family while contemplating the afterlife. Is it true or not? So she takes the easy way out to find the answer behind the wheel of the car as her memory rides on. Shining forever is a beautiful way to remember her with love.

Lost children is a magnificent prayer for the children that have been kidnapped, ran away, or have been killed. God needs to watch over everybody swept away in the wind and lost in the night as their loved ones wait to hear from them or about them from anyone. Petty is making a statement. It is time we start looking for our loved ones.

Blue Sunday is a road trip ballad. Our hero meets up with a girl on the run from her Daddy. The girl is another lost child running from something. The blue and shades of gray let the listener know this is not a happy trip. These two kids aren’t going anywhere. They are just riding.

You and Me has to be a love song for Tom’s new wife. Did anyone see the ball and chain on the album liner? The song is about relationships lasting and enduring no matter what. He know this time it is going to last. He has found his soul mate. He can’t possibly see himself with anyone else. He has finally found someone who understands him. The MusicIncider recommends it as a wedding reception song!

The Man Who Loves Women is about a man who is scared to be alone and at the same time is afraid to get close. Of Course, he may just be a professional gigolo. Let’s hope we are wrong. Because one day, he’s gonna pay.

Have Love Will Travel is a love song to his fans. The hero of the song tells about Maggie, Joe, and the lonely DJ’s digging a ditch to keep the soul-stealing devil away from music as it was meant to be. Tom knows this for a fact. It happened to him. Tom has written us a love song for sticking by him through thick and thin. No matter where he is we all know that he loves us, his family.

Can’t Stop the Sun is a strong message sent by Petty. You may take my money, you may turn off my microphone, but you can’t steel what you can’t feel. Here we go again, Petty ends the album with another shot at Joe the money making machine. He warns Joe that the sun won’t stop shining life goes on. There will be more just like him to take you down and not give in.

Buy this album. I recommend it for anyone who longs for the truth to come out and longs for what rock used to be like. As Petty said, “They have taken the word Roll off of Rock.” Petty seems to be the last man standing.


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