TORCHBEARER: Yesinia Pestis (The Black Death)


TORCHBEARER: Pär Johansson (Satariel) -Lead Vocals, Christian Älvestam (Unmoored, Solar Dawn, Incapacity) -Guitars & Backing Vocals, Göran Johansson (Setherial, Chaosdaemon) -Guitars , Mikael Degerman (Satariel) -Bass, Henrik Schönström (Unmoored, Solar Dawn, Incapacity, Traumatized) -Drums.

Who is TORCHBEARER? TORCHBEARER is a Swedish death/thrash metal band with hints of Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon thrown in. TORCHBEARER formed in 2003 out of other bands-just look at the member list. They took their band name from an Unmoored song. Pär Johansson did the artwork for the cover. He can draw like a mother fucker can’t he? – Thomas Johansson from Unmoored did all of the guitar solos that you hear on the CD. Listen to him. He is a monster on guitar. –There you have everything I have been able to find on the band. It is a fast little fucking CD-thirty six minutes and two seconds-it is over before it starts. -I can’t help but feel that I have heard these guys about a thousand times before, but the CD is good. Pär Johansson has those throaty, raw fucking vocals that make you think he is going to cough up a lung. He shrieks from time to time, and throws in a pretty growl or two. I like his versatility as a vocalist. He is a fucked up combo of Chris Barnes and Shagrath. –I was not impressed that they brought a third guitar player on board for the CD. How in the world are we supposed to figure out if the two other guitar players are worth a damn? Then again, Thomas’ last name is Johansson and maybe they are all fucking related. The guitars on the CD are fucking incredible-but who gets the credit? I liked the combo of the bass and drums on this CD-when it can sound like thunder and lightening to me it is fucking good. –I like the fact that the entire CD is about the bubonic plague hitting a village called Kaffa. A death metal band singing about the black death is very interesting to me. It might not be fucking earth-shattering, but it is interesting. It is fucking rare that debut albums are earth-shattering, but if they are interesting listen to them. –What I like about the CD are the fucking musicians-they are outrageously fucking good. Pär Johansson is a good vocalist, but he doesn’t hit me with being great-yet. I think he will get there. The album concept is pretty fucking clear-death. We have a gorgeous picture of the fucking reaper on the cover. My bitches: With so much musicianship-couldn’t we get a little more creative? The point is not to fucking sound like every fucking body else. There are hints of massively creative shit just beneath the surface. Look at how fucking great Assail The Creation and Bearer Of The Torch are. Take those two songs and fucking run with it. –Sorry kids, you only get a six out of a possible ten fuck yeah’s. There is too much talent there for what is in my CD player.


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